In-Office Nutri-Spec Initial Testing and Consultation

$150.00 1 hour

Initial in-office Nutri-Spec Testing and Consultation performed by Dr. Emmett C. Harrington, D.N., Ph.D.

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We will In-Office Nutri-Spec Initial Testing and Consultation Plan

Our in-office Nutri-Spec Testing is an Analytical System of Clinical Nutritional Testing.  While traditional medicine treats all similar symptoms the same, with Nutr-Spec Testing we are considering your biological individuality. We do discuss previous diagnoses as they help us set guidelines for your future health goals.  However, your symptoms become secondary because your personalized consultation will uncover the root causes of those symptoms.

Although the testing is quick, simple and inexpensive, it clearly reveals the source of your metabolic imbalances which are the true causes of your symptoms.   Your imbalances determined through the testing will categorize you into one of the metabolic syndrome categories.  These findings will then be the sole criteria for determining your customized plan.  By knowing what category your imbalances place you in we can then customize a plan using nutrition and supplementation to restore your health and rebuild your vital reserve.  You will often know the results of your initial testing on the same day or within days of your initial visit.  We make recommendations based on our findings and you are on your way to your first step in recovery!

You will schedule a  retest within a week or two to evaluate the changes.  We will then modify your supplementation regime as your health improves to meet your current needs.  We will continually evaluate our progress towards obtaining your personal health goals.  The goal is for you to be well and be placed on a personalized wellness maintenance program.

The In-Office Testing is our fastest method of improving your health.  It is highly recommended for those with life-threatening symptoms or chronic long-term challenges.  You will see changes in your health within days.  The total process to your best health may seem like a long road but you will see continued progress.

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