Nutri-Spec was officially “born” when Dr. Guy R. Schenker, D.C. published his first monthly Clinical Nutrition Newsletter in January 1990.  He stated: NUTRI-SPEC will be a “giant step” in abandoning the old disease-specific approaches to nutrition. It will move forward the patient-specific, scientific approach.

Dr. Schenker set his mark as an innovative clinical nutritional researcher and practitioner with his paper “Cholesterol: A Patient-Specific Nutritional Approach”, published in Today’s Chiropractic March/April 1898.  The Journal of the Coalition for Alternatives in Nutrition and Healthcare by Healthcare Rights Advocate June 1990 also published the paper.  Today Dr. Schenker continues to keep doctors up to date on all aspects of the science and application of clinical nutrition since publishing his first newsletter in January of 1990.  His recognition of biological individuality brought him to develop his scientific NUTRI-SPEC TESTING SYSTEM.  With this state of the art, professional’s only program Nutri-Spec Practitioners have access to “cutting edge” professional products.  There are two phases of products.  Development of each product focuses on the specific metabolic imbalances or for health maintenance programs they are designed to improve.

Two themes are Fundamental:

Two themes are fundamental to NUTRI-SPEC philosophy:  The first is that all 5 Metabolic Balance Systems are reflections of deep-seated ImmunoNeuroEndocrine (INE) stress.  When INE stress is apparent, a  Nutri-Spec Practitioner provides a means to restore the 5 Fundamental Control Systems.  Typically this patient would be given a disease-specific remedy for their symptoms.  Scales Balance Symbol Justice Court Legal

The second primary NUTRI-SPEC theme is that there is a quiet force behind all metabolic activity.  This quiet force is continuously active, and it determines from year to year, month to month, day to day and moment by moment how well a person feels.

As a matter of fact, this mysterious force is none other than the autonomic nervous system or the sympathetic/parasympathetic adaptative capacity.

How do we discover and monitor this mysterious force? How can we obtain metabolic balance?  Over the past few years, Dr. Shenker has made great procedural innovations to monitor and adjust this quiet force behind our metabolic activity.  By doing this we achieve metabolic balance.

(For further reference go to Newsletters: Vol 26 #6 June 2012)

 We accomplish this by:

1) In office NUTRI-SPEC Testing: which includes a few quick and simple chemical tests on a patient’s urine and saliva. It also includes other clinical tests.  The entire testing process takes only a few minutes.  We then can categorize patients in terms of their metabolic imbalances per their biological individuality through this testing.  These METOBOLIC INBALANCE then becomes the SOLE CRITERIA upon which Dr. Harrington will address the patient’s diet.   Also, it is the SOLE CRITERIA in determining supplementation without regard to their symptoms or conditions.  This is the fastest way for you to begin to see changes in your health and to regain metabolic balance.

2) Nutri-Spec’s Diphasic Nutrition Plan:   This plan can be done from a distance.  As we are moving our 30 years plus practice from an active in- office practice to one that is mostly online, we have made a major decision to choose the Nutri-Spec Diphasic Nutrition Plan(DNP) to aid our patients in regaining their VITAL RESERVE.  This plan enables us to serve our patients from afar.   Are you overweight, always tired, have low energy levels or perhaps just do not feel as good as you would like to feel?  Or have you just been diagnosed with hypertension or diabetes or some other health concerns?  Are you depressed,  stressed or feeling anxiety?   These plans can be used to improve your health no matter what your concerns may be.

Because we have been successfully using the Diphasic Plan for several years we are confident that it will serve all of our patients.  The DNP requires no testing and can be administered to all patients. Your plan is based on your symptoms, diagnosis from your medical practitioner, your personal concerns, and personal goals.   They will increase ADAPTATIVE CAPACITY by restoring METABOLIC BALANCE and by increasing VITAL RESERVES.  Ultimately, what this all means is with the DNP, our patients will experience a more powerful and lasting surge in Vital Reserves.  They will experience more energy, stronger immune system, less fatigue and a healthier outlook on life.

Which program is best for you?

You can reach your health goals through either method.  Starting with an in-person visit is the more personalized route and deals with your bio individually regardless of your symptoms.  You begin to see results in specific areas more quickly.  It is highly recommended if you can physically visit us.   The Diphasic Plans are based on your symptoms and health goals. They gradually realign your metabolic systems.  Sometimes the results are more subtle and take longer to perceive.  However, both methods are very successful so chose the one that is right for you.

Understanding the Diphasic Metabolic Cycle is where it all starts.

We all want to maintain youthful vitality, looking and feeling our best for years to come.  An essential part of our body’s resistance to aging is a strong DIPHASIC METABOLIC CYCLE.  As part of this cycle, every twenty-four hours our metabolism moves through 2 distinct (and opposite) phases.

The first phase is the daytime phase for HIGH-POWERED ENERGY EXPENDITURE needed to enjoy one’s daily favorite activities of work and play.  This metabolic phase activates around 6 a.m. and has run its course by 8 p.m.   If you are healthy, your body runs efficiently, and in high gear, throughout this phase of your daily cycle.  But, such intense living does have a depleting effect.

At 8 p.m. however, your metabolism swings into the second phase- The REPLETION, REBUILDING AND RECHARGING phase.  This is the time our body prepares to rest, repair and rejuvenate.

Beginning in our early thirties as we age we all experience a steady drop in our VITAL RESERVES. 

But this is what the DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN is all about.   We do not need to blame the loss of vitality as years go on such a nebulous entity as “the aging process”.   Science now shows us exactly what mechanism fails as youth fades away.  Aging is largely a loss of power in THE DIPHASIC METABOLIC CYCLE.  You see, during each of the 2 metabolic phases mentioned above, one’s body is defending itself against the 2 types of pathological activity.  These activities are the cause of dysfunctions (and, eventually, the diseases) we associate with aging.

During the high energy phase of our daily cycle, our body is putting up its best defense against PATHOLOGICAL HYPERPLASIA.  This is the age-related buildup of dysfunctional tissue or in layman’s terms – aging or the tearing down of our bodies.  This tearing down associated with aging results in calcium deposits; arthritic joints and artery blockages.  Also associated with aging are fatty liver; high triglycerides – cysts or tumors – Type II diabetes – high blood pressure.

But during your rebuilding phase, you are defending against PATHOLOGICAL DISINTEGRATION.   This is the age-related breakdown of tissue structure and function.   Therefore, conditions associated with age-related disintegration are muscle pain – fatigue – memory loss – indigestion – immune system dysfunction – high cholesterol.  Also associated with age-related disintegration are decreased sexual function – age spots, as well as auto-immune diseases.

So what is aging?

Aging is a breakdown of resistance allowing these 2 fundamental pathological processes.  We experience these processes each day (which are a part of all dysfunctions and diseases), that drag you down.

However, modern research by nutrition scientists now shows clearly that the conditions associated with age-related tissue dysfunction and breakdown are preventable.  Therefore, extraordinary super supplementation implementation can even turn the aging process around!.  Nowhere, but in the (DNP) can you find perfectly balanced formulations.  Formulations that include all the most effective metabolic activators and adaptogens.   These include alpha lipoic acid – acetyl-l-carnitine – coenzyme Q-10 – propionyl-l-carnitine – carnosine – tocotrienols – mineral orotates that will stimulate your bodies ability to increase its VITAL RESERVE.

These extraordinary super supplements will empower you to healthfully celebrate your full inborn potential for youthful vitality as they defend you against aging. So could you benefit from one of these plans?  We believe everyone can.   We can help if you are not certain which plan may be best for you.  For answers to your questions and concerns please contact DR Emmett on our Contact Us page. He will be happy to assist you in determining which program is best for you and help you get started.

(For further reference go to Newsletters: Vol 26 #6 June 2012)