Are you on a rollercoaster with your journey to be the healthiest you can be?  Do you find the many touted healthy lifestyles and weight loss regimens confusing or difficult to follow?  Have you tried one or more without success? Are you looking for a holistic approach to better your health?  If you find conflicting recommendations from your health providers, the media, and the news are confusing we can guide you to a more holistic approach.

Our search for total wellness often reminds me of the ocean.  Have you ever sat on the beach watching the waves roll into the shore or watching the white caps break?  Perhaps you have experienced the early morning calm when the early sunlight makes the sea sparkle as if it were a diamond-studded mirror.   However, have you ever considered what lies beneath those sparkling diamonds or lazy white caps?

If you have ever gone snorkeling,  glass bottom boat touring or deep sea diving then you have seen a whole different perspective: schools of teaming fish, beautiful underwater gardens, coral reefs, a dangerous shark or scary eel.  The deeper you dove perhaps the more the scene changed.

The changes and patterns of our health in many ways can be compared to the ocean and what you see on the surface – the gentle waves represent your symptoms or health concerns.  Typically when you express these concerns to your medical professional during a short exam, drugs or medication are prescribed.  To most medical professionals every patient that is overweight, has hypertension, is diabetic, has joint pain or seasonal allergies, looks much like the last patient with the same complaint just like every white cap may look much like the last white cap.  However, beneath the white caps, the causes of your symptoms remain hidden.

The prescribed drugs your medical professional recommends may initially reduce your symptoms.  However, the causes of those symptoms continue to ferment unseen only to expose themselves as you move to more distressing and or chronic conditions – from dis-ease to disease.  The number and strength of the prescribed drugs now increase along with their costs.  The hope of recovery grows dim.  What was once gentle waves now grows into a huge wave or perhaps even a tsunami that dashes away all hope as fear sets in.  The dreaded words, “I’m sorry but you have …” Maybe heard.  What was once hidden from your medical professional’s eyes has now become obvious.

Finding those underlying causes of your symptoms is the key to your wellness.  At Holistic 3D Health we understand you are uniqueWe are not medical doctors, we do not dispense medical advice or drugs, nor do we diagnose or treat specific diseasesWe are researchers, educators, and lifestyle coaches.  Our goal is to help you live longer, happier, healthier, successful lives.  We focus on you and your health because we know without your health nothing else matters.

Since mineral deficiencies, biochemical metabolic imbalances or life’s stressors are the root causes of most of our physical symptoms, our techniques are aimed at finding those causes at the earliest possible moment to hopefully prevent you from moving from a state of wellness with minor symptoms to a state of distress.  Through our methods, we can detect this move long before it happens.

You may ask, “What if I am already in distress?”  We can turn your distress around.  It may take more commitment on your part and more time but it can be done.  We have seen clients through the years that have come to us as a last resort because traditional medicine had given up on them or they had given up on traditional medicine!  We have been able to lead them back to a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.



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