Chakra Balancing

The Importance of Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is important for several reasons.  An imbalance in your Chakras can cause total disruption of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.  Your daily life may seem out of sync if your Chakra Centers are out of balance.  You may be physically ill and the cause may be a mystery.  Or you may feel emotionally drained.  Perhaps even in a mental fog.   You feel a sense of despair, depression, or hopelessness, but unable to put your finger on why you have these feelings.  When we experience any of these above issues, Chakra Balancing can be a possible solution.  Chakra Balancing is important because it puts your 7 energy centers back in balance.

What are the Chakra Centers?  Why are they important?  What happens when they are out of balance?  These are all questions I frequently hear.  Let me answer each question:

What are the Chakra Centers?  Each of us has seven energy centers or Chakra Centers.  Each center is composed of a group of organs, glands, or systems that have specific functions in our bodies to help us maintain our well being.   If one of these centers is weak, another center must overwork to compensate for the weak center.  Therefore, it is important that all centers are functioning at the same level of energy.

The Seven Chakra centers are our Root Chakra ( red energy center), Sacral-Sexual Chakra (our orange energy center), our Solar Plexus (or yellow energy center), Heart Chakra (our green energy center), Throat Chakra (or blue energy center), Brow Chakra, (or our indigo energy center), and our Crown Chakra (or our violet energy center).  A color is assigned to each Chakra Center per the energetic vibrations of that chakra.   Through the study of color energy and color medicine, we can define the chakras’ strengths and weaknesses.  Once we know this information we can find methods to strengthen and balance our Chakra Centers by balancing their frequencies.  Therefore, the first step in Chakra Balancing is to know our Chakras’ strengths and weaknesses.

If your Chakra Centers are in balance you will experience a feeling of well-being.  However, if your Chakra Centers are out of balance you will have a feeling of uneasiness.  You may not be able to put your finger on anything specifically, but you know something is just not right.

Each of the seven Chakra Centers has a purpose or function in your well being.  Therefore, let us look at each center and learn some features of its function.  Let us learn how that centers health or energy affects our overall energy.  Furthermore, we can also identify some of the results of that area being weak or lacking energy.  We will start from the feet or Root Chakra and work up the body.

The Root Chakra is our grounding Chakra.  The Root is that Chakra that shows that we know who we are and our purpose.  Or shows we are not certain who we are and do not know our purpose.  Our feet, hips, spine, lower reproductive organs, adrenal glands, bladder, and ureter compose this chakra.  It is the area of our body that connects us to the ground or grounds us.  Furthermore, the spine is the main channel of our energy flow and the hips’ purpose is to keep us flexible and moving.   We get the importance of our existence from the strength of our Root Chakra.  This energy center gives us our passion, courage, energy, and defines our physical presence.  It defines our right to exist!  A healthy Root Charka is vital in our fight for survival.

Too much energy in this area means we may be too aggressive, harsh, quick-tempered, bully, unfair, stubborn, and over-competitive.    However, if our energy is too low in this area we will become very weak, passive, lack inner strength and motivation, and maybe very impractical.  Neither extreme is good or where we need to be if we are to be healthy and balanced.  By learning that our Root or Red energy is too low or too high we can then implement ways to change or regulate that energy to gain balance or a healthy energy level.

We can strengthen our Red or Root energy by focusing on the color red.  By eating red foods, wearing red clothes, doing physical (red) activities such as running, dancing, stomping our feet, walking – activities that move our legs and hips, or by listening to red music (drums, strong rhythmic beat).  Affirmations stating that “I exist!  I have a purpose!  I am!” are all Root Chakra strengthening.

What if we have too much red?  What if we are a bully or over competitive and must always win.  Perhaps you become angry easily and can be harsh.  However, if you concentrate on the complimenting color’s characteristics you can align the overpowered red energy.   Red’s complement is blue.  We will discuss its features later.

Because many of us are displaced and I also believe that because we think we have to be politically correct all of the time, generally I find clients weak in the Root Chakra.  The Root Chakra is your foundation.  Therefore, it is very important that we get our Root Chakra healthy.  Often when the Root becomes healthy the other Chakra centers line up without further Chakra work.

The next Chakra Center as we move up the body is the Sacral or Sexual (Spleen) Chakra.  Do you have joy in your life?   Do you enjoy your existence?  Or do you forget to be yourself trying to please others?   With the love of the Red and the wisdom of the Yellow, a balanced Orange Charka, you have self-confidence and independence.  Because we are what we think, the strength of the Orange Chakra and orange energy is vital.

Our Orange Chakra is deeply tied to our emotions. When something is threatening our self-confidence, independence, or wellbeing, we are all familiar with that insecure or uneasy, butterflies in the stomach feeling that we experience.  The expression of “gut feeling”,  whether that feeling leans towards the good or bad, connects us to our Orange Chakra.

An imbalance in this Chakra will result in us being easily swayed, trying to please others.  We will feel inhibited or suppressed; stuck in our existence.  However, an over-stimulated Orange Chakra may mean we are overly prideful or even an exhibitionist.  Alcohol or other “fun” producing stimulants may be a huge attraction to someone with too strong of an Orange Chakra.

If we are weak in this area we can determine to find ways to have more fun, lighten up our lives, or to take life as it comes.  Find things that make you happy and focus on the happy, joyful, pleasing things in your life.   Wearing orange, eating orange foods, using orange essential oils either as a roll-on “perfume”  or in a diffuser will help strengthen the Orange  Chakra.  The affirmation of “I feel alive and well!”  Or, “Let the orange energy fill me with happiness and vitality!”  will strengthen our weak Orange Chakra.

A healthy Orange Chakra gives energy to the bronchia, chest area, and improves disturbances in the spleen, kidney,  and gallbladder.  It increases the intake and utilization of oxygen helping the lungs and reduces stomach flatulence (burping).

Our Solar Plexus or Yellow Chakra is our next Chakra as we work up the body.   This area is the “brain of the nervous system” and is the center of our immune system.  Because our emotions are highly influential in how the organs in this Chaka function it is the most critical point of all vitalization in the body.  For example, if we are stressed we will not eat or we will overeat.   If the Yellow Chakra is in balance we will not suffer from ulcers, gall stones, large intestinal ailments, or diabetes.  We will open and spontaneous, able to both laugh and cry.

A person that is well balanced in their Yellow Chakra will be optimistic, confident, good-humored,  and think clearly.  If weak in this area they will enjoy flattery, be sly, pessimistic, and skeptical.  They may experience stomach and digestive area ailments.

To strengthen this area use the affirmation, “Let the Yellow energy fill me with sunshine – let God’s love and wisdom flow through my body and soul”, to stimulate and to improve your Yellow Chakra strength.  Wearing yellow, eating yellow foods, or using yellow oils such as lemon and rosemary are all helpful.    Use Yellow energy when you are tired or nervous, sad, or have weight problems or parasites.  Yellow energy also helps stimulate your brain.  Rosemary -lemon essential oil combination is a great mind stimulant for clearer thought and focus.

As we continue to move up the body we come to the Heart Chakra or Green Chakra.  The Green or Heart Chakra is the Chakra of devotion and love.  Thinking of the color green we often think of life, abundance, money, peacefulness, and harmony.  A low reading of the Heart Chakra often means you have gone through a time of loss, disappointment, sorrow, disharmony, or sadness.  I often see a low Heart Chakra when someone has recently lost a life partner, parent, child, or beloved pet.  In those cases, time will heal and the Heart Chakra will come back into balance.

Also, at other times when a low Heart Chakra is caused by harboring fear or dread of giving, or of getting involved and being hurt.   These emotions are generally not new to the person but long-standing.  Because of the length of time the person has failed to deal with their feelings, the low Heart Chakra reading can mean impending heart problems.  We see the emotions affecting the physical well being.

However, we can strengthen even the long term low reading.  Recognizing the low reading cause can head us on the right track to strengthening our Heart Chakra.  One of the best exercises to raise your Green Chakra is to get out into nature.  Here is a great exercise:  Go into the forest and find a friendly big tree.  Place your back against the tree, pushing your spine along the trunk.  Place your left arm behind you and around the trunk and your right arm across your Solar Plexus.  Breath deeply; repeatedly.  ask the tree to give you some of its green energy.  Take time to enjoy the connection with the tree and nature around you.  Do not forget to thank the tree!

Also, wearing green, eating green foods, using green oils such as Eucalyptus, lemon, thyme, and/or Sandlewood will help raise your Green energy.  Feeling stressed or frazzled and nervous?  These oils or essences are calming and bring balance.  Furthermore, Green Energy is healing in the case of chronic disease with its balancing and calming nature.

Next, we move to the Blue or Throat Chakra – the Chakra of words and wisdom.  It is the chakra center that begins to move us away from the physical to the more spiritual.  When I see a low Throat Chakra reading I often find the person is afraid to speak out or speak their mind.  They often feel they need to bite their tongue.  (Continually repressing your feelings and not voicing them, will not only lower your blue center but may begin to lower your green center as you bury and grow the unhealthy feelings.)

Other times the Blue Chakra may be low because we speak a lot.  Teachers, broadcasters, sales consultants, and others who talk as a profession will often have a low Throat Chakra.  They need to continually “feed” and love that overworked chakra.

How do they achieve and hold a healthy Blue Chakra reading?  The use of the blue color – either wearing blue, working in a blue room, using blue essences and blue oils, or by experiencing the blue of the endless sky or ocean.  Blue foods such as plums, blueberries, fish, and asparagus help raise our blue energy.  A good Blue affirmation is, “Let the blue energy flow through me so that I may give out all that I learn.”  I believe this mantra is especially good for those who teach on any level.

At times we will see a low Blue Chakra with a low ear reading.  This can indicate an inability to hear, a desire not to hear, selective hearing for protective reasons, or other hearing “impairments”.  These may have physical or emotional causes.  Uncovering those causes and using Blue energy can improve our hearing and our desire to hear.

Geranium Oil is the best blue oil.  Rose, lemon, rosemary, and citronella blend well with geranium.  Blue is calming so these oils will be calming, relaxing, strengthen your throat, and help you speak out.   Blue therapy will strengthen your ears, eyes, and nose as well as your throat.

The sixth energy center is our Indigo Chakra – Brow Chakra or Third Eye.  Through this chakra, we draw into ourselves for self-reflection.  We must, however, be careful to return to the physical world.  When used correctly you may be able to use your inner space as a retreat.  This helps you see things from a better and more experienced perspective.

This is the center of our intuitive energies helping us to understand the process of life and the need to serve mankind.  It gives energy to those who are seekers, or beauty, seekers of justice, or of love.  Those high in this energy may be accused of being impractical dreamers however these are the reformers and improvers of life!  Because they are seekers of truth they also become teachers of truth through their examples.  We better understand the meaning of our lives when we connect with our Indigo Energy.  We will accept what we cannot change and learn that by letting go or losing something, we often gain or find something.

The negative Indigo Energy, rather than serving the universe with it’s helpful and loving spirit, withdraws, refusing to take part in life’s process or take responsibility for one’s own self.  One may be cynical, intolerant, ruthless, and no longer able to help themselves or others.

Indigo Energy affects us physically and mentally.  Physically it gives energy to the pineal gland which is linked to our nervous system, mental abilities, and psychic potential.  Seeing and hearing are influenced by Indigo Energy.  It cleanses the bloodstream plus mentally it has a cleansing effect on the finer nerve functions.  The most important is its influence on how we handle fear, frustrations, or distortions of our Indigo Energy.

Do you have problems sleeping, calming your nerves, with hearing or skin problems?  Is your lymphatic system out of balance?  Indigo energy can calm your nerves, help you sleep peacefully, and cleanse your lymph systems.  Do you need to heighten your intuition or your creative abilities?  Indigo Energy is perfect for enhancing creativity and intuition.

Patchouli is a perfect herb for those whose Indigo Energy is weak.  In small doses, it is stimulating and in larger doses, it is calming.  It is a great anti-aging oil that reduces wrinkles and tightens sagging skin.    However, its greatest benefit is its psychological effect on our thoughts, helping us to see things more clearly and objectively.   Adding Frankincense with Patchouli increases its anti-wrinkle, anti-aging benefits, and creates a more relaxing bath or room aroma in a diffuser.

To increase your Indigo Energy you can wear indigo clothing – interpreted by others that you are caring and empathic.  There are indigo foods as well such as eggplant, broccoli, blue grapes, or any blue/violet fruits or vegetables.  The affirmation “Let the Indigo Energy connect me with knowledge and understanding that I may receive help in my everyday life” is an excellent mind-expanding mantra.

Our last Chakra is our Crown Chakra or Violet Chakra.   Violet (or purple) is a color that you either love or hate!  Why?  This is the color with the highest vibrational speed and is often misunderstood, underutilized, and sometimes even hated.  It has little contact with the physical energy and with the earth.  Through the Crown or Violet Chakra, we may obtain a connection to everything that is divine: with the dead or the living souls, and with spiritual helpers.  High Violet people are those who understand there are angels among us.  They may see them or at least, sense them.  This is also the energy that inspires writers, healers, and all others who express and bring to us inspiration from the divine powers.

Violet Energy is stimulating, cleansing, and inspires spiritual nature.    It stimulates the highest human ideals in art, music, poetry, all art forms.  Leonardo da Vinci, a famous artist, and scientist stated that our power of meditation would increase tenfold if we were to set under the light streaming through a violet pane of stained glass in a cathedral.  The light coming through the violet glass is providing the highest energies.  However, not everyone can utilize this color and its high energy vibrations.  Perhaps this is because it cleanses our thoughts and emotions.  If we are not of a creative nature this causes confusion and frustration.  Or they may just feel ill at ease.  But if you are in balance and connected to Violet Energy, the whole world is open to you.

The positive side of violet is excellent mental strength, pure idealism, inspirational leaders, humanitarian, self-sacrificing, kind, and just.  The negative side feels superior, maybe arrogant, snobbish, disloyal, a fanatic.   Or even show interest in black magic.

If you have emotional problems, need to clear a situation you are currently in, strengthen your creativity or spiritual values, Violet Energy may help.  However, do not use if you are depressed – use green.

Wearing violet clothing, eating violet foods (same as indigo foods), or using violet oils such as Lavender and Jasmine.  Lavender is beneficial for headaches and migraines.  (We recommend a migraine formula in several of our blogs on EO’s).  It is also helpful with any skin issue from bug bites to eczema to psoriasis and sunburn.  It relaxes you emotionally and physically and therefore is a great sleep enhancer.  Jasmine adds a bit of luxury in combination with the lavender and has many of the same characteristics and benefits.    The affirmation for Violet Energy is: “Let the violet energy flow through me and cleanse my body to give new life and new energy.”

How do we determine which of our Chakras might be out of balance?  Sometimes our actions and feelings let us know that we are out of sync.  We may even be able to determine where we are out of balance.  Other times it is a mystery to us.  An Aura Reading session is helpful as it will pinpoint your weaknesses.  Since the Root Chakra is the base for all others, strengthening your Root Chakra may help align the other chakras.  Or you may know you have suffered a loss.  Perhaps you have overworked organs in a certain chakra or need a little joy in your life.  Work on those areas.  Have a reading to determine your success or to answer further questions.

Being in balance in your chakras increases your feeling of well-being, improves your immunity, and decrease or slows the aging process.  It may also increase your productivity in your career and improve your effectiveness.  You will become more self-confident and more self-defined.  If you are in our area, schedule a reading today to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  If you live out of our area we can connect you with an Aura Reader near you.…ying-human-auras/