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The Value of Biofeedback

Do you ever question why you feel the way you feel?  Perhaps you think you are doing everything right- good diet, exercising, plenty of rest, and taking good care of yourself but something just isn’t quite right.  How can you determine just what that “not quite right” feeling is all about?  Have you considered Biofeedback.?  Or perhaps you know you have a few challenges?  You have committed to making some changes to improve your health.  But you are not sure if you are making the right choices.  Are they working to accomplish your health goals?  Biofeedback is invaluable in monitoring your progress and evaluating your protocol for change.

How does Biofeedback work?  There are several methods for obtaining Biofeedback.  We use 2 forms of testing to gain information for your Biofeedback profile.  The first is Biopulsar Reflex-zone technology which monitors your life energy or your chi.  The second method, BIA testing,  done through urine and saliva analysis.

However,  life energy is not static.  It fluctuates depending upon such internal influences as bad nutrition, negative thoughts, illnesses such as colds, and the flu.   Or external influences such as people, work, our environment, the seasons, and the climate can affect our life energy.  Any of these influences can drag down our life energy.

The dynamics of life energy are represented in the reflex-zone biofeedback shown in your aura colors. The energy of each organ, or group of organs, is shown in the subject’s aura.  Colors of the aura indicate the flow of life energy of the specific organ’s energy (or frequency) wave. Therefore by observing the colors of the organs we can determine the organ’s energy or vitality.  Also, we can determine where the energy is blocked.  And by determining why the blockage or low energy exists we can devise a treatment plan or life adjustment protocol.   We can create ways to increase the energy flow to that organ or group of organs.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how we can see insufficient life energy in an organ and how we can improve that organ’s energy.  The first step is to do an Aura Reading.  By the colors of each organ, we can determine which organs have low energy readings.  Therefore we now know what organs to focus on.  In this example, we will say that the spine is showing the color grey and a numeric reading of 0.35.   We ask some questions to determine if the reading could have to do with an injury.  If there is no injury we need to determine what is causing the low energy.  However, in this case, we learn that no injury or diagnosis should indicate low spinal energy.

Also, we want to note that the client is complaining of feeling dull in the brain or foggy and overall low in energy.  They are finding it difficult to get through their day.  There are low energy readings in the neck and some of the brain areas.   Another observation is that the whole aura seems shrunken.   With these observations, I am pretty certain at this point that I know where part of the problem lies.   Therefore my next question is, how much water do you drink?  And if this person seems to be drinking plenty of water then the next question is about their salt intake.  Without proper salts, you can drink all day long and still be dehydrated as this person is.

Because our bodies are 60-70% water we must continuously rehydrate ourselves.  Everything we do dehydrates us.  However, the water we drink must be able to be absorbed by our cells or it is useless.  Because we often have a high sodium intake we think we are getting enough salt.  But is it the right salt?

Also, through further comments, I learned that this person sits all day most days and does very little to exercise.  They rarely get sun exposure.  Because of the grey areas in the brain, I suspect slight depression.  And with a few further questions and discussion, I determine that my hunch is right.  I am now ready to make some life change recommendations.

Before the changes are recommended we do a urine and saliva test.  This test further shows the degree of damage caused by low hydration.  The pH of the urine and saliva indicates the severity of dehydration.  We also learn that, in this case, dehydration is not caused by a lack of proper salts.  The salt ratios shown in the testing are in a normal range.   Furthermore, these numbers will and give us a clue to how the body is dealing with this physical damage.  Is the body finding ways to heal itself?  What rate of aging or deterioration is occurring?   Based on the results of both testings, we can now make recommendations for change.

We never make more than 3 change recommendations because we do not want to overwhelm the client.  The first thing we will change is the amount of water that is being consumed.  Because the client says they drink mostly coffee, soda, and very little water we will focus on lowering the coffee intake, eliminating the soda, and increasing the water.   Also, we will recommend limiting their daily red wine consumption to 1 glass.  Both coffee and wine (alcohol) are dehydrating.

The second change we will implement is exercise.  A twenty to thirty-minute outdoor walk every day with a long walk on the weekend is what we recommend to start.  Walking outdoors is free, easy, and has multiple benefits.  This will add exercise and sun exposure.  Both are needed.  While at work we recommend shoulder rolls and neck stretches.  Plus they need to attempt to leave their desk and walk every 60-90  minutes.

The third recommendation is to write a gratitude journal each day recording 3 things they are grateful for.  One of those items must be something about themselves – one of their characteristics that they are grateful for.

What is the value of each of these recommendations?  They are dehydrated, so the water intake is somewhat self-explanatory.  However, the spinal fluid that carries the life energy the length of the body is fluid – water-based.  Dehydration equals low spinal fluid.  That same fluid feeds, or waters, the brain.  The exercise recommendation also has a two-fold purpose.  It will energize the spine, increase circulation, and movement of spinal fluids.  Also, it will elevate the emotional level to be outside in the sunshine.  Therefore, with additional energy flowing to the brain through the spine and the eye ( sunlight intake = energy) the brain fog will improve.  The gratitude journal will also improve the overall well-being and lower depression.

How do we determine if this all works?  Once the client has followed the protocol or feels they are making progress, we can do another Biopulsar scan and BIA test for the Biofeedback.  We can see the changes in their colors and their ratios.  If we see less grey and higher spinal readings we know we are making progress.  Also, we should see the aura being more full or plumper than in the first reading.  We should also see an improvement in the ratios of salts to protein, salts to sugars, etc.

The Biofeedback that we have observed helps us see where our recommendations are working and where they need to be fine-tuned.  They may indicate that we are on the right path however the optimal life energy level is not yet achieved.  However, the client can be encouraged by their Biofeedback reading knowing they are improving because they are on the right track.

Often we see huge progress between our second and third Biofeedback reading because the client knows what they are doing is paying off!  The encouragement of success keeps them going and increases their efforts.  Once they feel their energy levels are where they want them to be we can do periodic checks to be sure they are staying on track.


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