Aura Reading – Vero Beach

What does your Aura revealWe have added a new service at Holistic3DHealth.  Aura Reading is now available to all of our Vero Beach and Treasure Coast Friends.  We are excited about this new service.   It is our understanding that Aura Reading has been available in Vero Beach in the past.  And now we are excited to bring Aura Readings back to you!

What is Aura Reading?  At the right, you will see an example. All of us have an Aura – an extension of our body that reflects our personality and our energies at this moment in time.  It can help strengthen us holistically as the readings tell us our strengths and weaknesses.  Furthermore, the readings show us what organs are strong and performing their proper functions,   It shows us which ones may be weak.  Also, they show inflammation and organs that are perhaps overworking.  Aura Reading tells us how well we are now.  However, it can also predict future challenges physically and emotionally.

Also, we will read and analyze your Chakras,  Where are your Chakras weak?  Which ones are strong?  And how can we balance your Aura and your Chakras?  It is amazing how your life can change when your Chakras are in balance!

Check our dates at Spark of Divine – check their events schedule.  Also, schedule a personal appointment at your convenience in our in-home office.  Furthermore, in-office appointments are great for more extensive, comprehensive consultations.  They allow us to give you more personalized time and to create a personal wellness path that is uniquely yours. 


We Can Learn From Studying Human Auras

Colour Vibrational Energy