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A Diet or A new Lifestyle?

Which is best for you?  A diet or a new lifestyle? There are several reasons for changing one’s “diet” or lifestyle.  Is there a difference between a diet or a new lifestyle?  What is best for you: a diet or a new lifestyle?  How do you determine which is best for you: a diet or a new lifestyle.  In most cases, a diet is not enough.  It is a temporary fix.  Kind of like putting a band-aid on a broken finger.  The band-aid might temporarily give some support to the finger but not enough support for the finger to be able to heal.  The diet might get a few of the results you are hoping for BUT rarely are the results lasting.  A new lifestyle, however, might be a whole different story.

So you may be asking what is the difference between a diet and a new lifestyle?  Why is a diet less effective than a new lifestyle?  Unless we change habits permanently our ultimate goal for going on a specific diet will never be achieved for an extended period of time.

For example, you go on a certain diet plan – there are thousands to choose from – and you lose the 20 pounds you had hoped to lose.  Do you stay on that diet to keep the weight off?  Or perhaps your diagnosis is high blood pressure – just slightly high.  Do you follow the doctor’s suggestion to lower the blood pressure?  That is, of course, if he gives you a suggestion other than a prescription.  What about diabetes?  I have seen the instructions most doctors give out for diabetes.  They are a bit brief.  I think most patients get glassy-eyed and either just stick on the fridge door or toss in the circular file!   And so life goes on without any real changes or permanent improvements.

It does not have to be that way, however.  You can make changes in your lifestyle that can help you manage everything from weight to diabetes, to high blood pressure, to pain, arthritis, Chron’s,  IBS, MS, Lupus and all the other maladies out there.  A diet is only part of the solution.  A new lifestyle starts with diet and includes much more.

What is your diagnosis?  Or do you have more than one?  Can a lifestyle change help you?  Let us look at one example.  We will take a simple one but with changes, one that can change and lengthen your life.  Let’s look at High Blood Pressure.  What is High Blood Pressure (or Hypertension)?  How do we get it or why?  What harm does it do or can it do?

When for some reason the arteries become too small or restricted the heart then has to work harder to push the blood through your arteries.  This puts extra stress on the heart and it also may mean that not enough oxygen is being delivered efficiently to the brain and other organs in the body.  What causes the restriction (or inflammation) of the arteries?   Many things cause the arteries to be restricted ranging from stress, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, being overweight or some diseases.  If blood pressure is too high then medication is the best solution.  However, a change in lifestyle can always reduce the severity of high blood pressure.

Mild cases that are not diagnosed in conjunction with other diseases, can be treated easily with lifestyle changes.  If you smoke or drink too much alcohol a good lifestyle change would be to stop.  Get help if you can not stop by yourself.  If stress or overweight is the issue, find ways to reduce stress and to lose weight.  Three key lifestyle changes that anyone diagnosed with high blood pressure are: First to increase your water intake.  Get rid of everything else you are drinking!  No colas or soft drinks, limited coffee, no high sugar or high caffeine drinks.  Water is the only thing that can cleanse and thin your blood.  The other beverages also help lead to inflammation and weight gain.

The second change is to get moving.  Increase your steps to at least 10,000 per day with increased time in the sun.  Did you know our bodies are designed to need 2 to 4 hours of sunlight per day?  Walking is a great stress reliever.  Start slowly if you are not used to that much movement.  Walk short distances two or three times per day and then increase to three or four times per day.  You can walk even if you need to use a walker!

The third change has to do with diet.  Reduce the processed foods (foods from a box or can), fatty meats and fried foods you eat.  Eat more fresh vegetables, legumes (beans), whole grains and fresh berries.  If it comes in a box avoid it!  Avoid canned foods as well as they typically have too much sodium.   Eat a variety of foods in a variety of colors.  If you are eating a variety of colors you are getting a variety of nutrients.  We recommend some raw foods as part of this new diet.  Limit your meat to just 3 or 4 ounces at a time.  Fill up on fresh vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and fresh fruits.

At Holistic3DHealth we specialize in coaching you on lifestyle changes that can change your life.  Guaranteed!

We have been successful for over 25 years in helping our patients avoid, reduce or eliminate medications.   Patients that couldn’t walk because of arthritis,  have recovered fully with nor discomfort.  One patient went on to have four children and is now back to teaching school as well as raising her active family.  Another patient had trouble carrying children past 5 or 6 weeks.  She now has 7 birth children and two adopted.  Another patient could not conceive at all and now has several children.

One of our greatest achievements is a young man (then 17) who had used all of his Canadian Medical Benefits and therefore was denied any further medical help.  His parents turned to Mayo Clinic to no avail.  He was so completely energy-deficient that he could not make it from the bed through breakfast and onto the school bus.   Since his recovery, he has gone on to play city league hockey – his dream- and become a partner in his family’s construction business and a father.

We can help you.  Whatever your diagnosis we can help you cope with your symptoms at the least.  But often we can help you completely overcome your challenges.  Schedule an appointment.  Start your journey.…g-lifestyle-plan/

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We Can Learn From Studying Human Auras

What can we learn from studying human Auras?  Because our Aura shows us a picture of our multi-dimensional selves we can learn many things about our health today.  We can also predict what can happen with our health in both the near and distant future.  Your aura picture shows us where you are healthy today.  We can also learn by studying human auras where we are struggling.  Our struggles can be physical, emotional or spiritual.  They are all indicated by the colors of our aura.  By studying human auras over time we can see patterns develop that indicate health trends.  Let me give you an example of what we learn from studying Human Auras and what we do with the information we learn.

Let us say we have taken a picture of your aura.  We see many beautiful bright colors BUT we also see some grey and some murky reds.  Above the head, we see yellow which tells me that you are an analytical person.  You may enjoy learning and studying.  The grey, however, is in your head area or the area of what we call the Brow Chakra area.  This may indicate a lack of energy. Depending on exactly where in the brain the grey is emanating from you may experience poor memory recall or that it is difficult to concentrate.

We also see that your aura looks a bit “shrunken”, or in other words, the colors of the chakra do not extend as far out from the body as we would generally see them extend.  The murky red areas are in your lower back or spine area or lower Solar Plexus Chakra.  However, you have a turquoise blue strip on either side of your chakra.  To me this means your spine -your life source is healthy.

Your Aura picture tells me several things besides the good health in your spine.   You are dehydrated.  If you drink, your drinks of choices cause dehydration, not hydration.  The lower back pain you are feeling may not be from physical spinal or lower back stress but also from emotional stress.   Somewhere, in some way, you feel stuck.  I ask some questions starting with, “What do you drink?”Glass of Water

You then tell me that you rarely drink water.   Beverages of choice are coffee, soda, and ice tea.  Also, you do have some lower back stress.  You have injured your back and have some bad discs.  I also, determine that with the grey in the brain area and the red in the lower spine that you might be under emotional stress.  You may even be suffering from depression.   My thoughts are that you feel like you are going nowhere in some areas of your life.  You indicate that this is true.  The pressures to perform at work are beyond what you are comfortable with.  You feel stuck in your job.  Because of the work stress, your relationship with your spouse is stressed as well and you both feel you are stuck in your relationship and it is no longer growing.

So now that we know these thoughts and challenges what do we do with what we learned from reading your aura?  If you have just come to get a 10-minute reading and consultation I would recommend three things that are going to help you.  They are easy things that you can implement without much cost.  In fact, sometimes they save you money!

The first recommendation would be to change what you are drinking to see if we can get you hydrated.  Water is cheap and will become your beverage of choice.  It is amazing what hydration can do to your body.  Water cleanses your blood.  Clean blood circulates better and carries more oxygen.  Oxygen helps stressed and inflamed areas of your body heal.

The second recommendation will be to get you moving.  Physically moving in a non-stressful way does several things for you.  Ways of moving that we recommend include walking, outside during daylight at least 20 minutes a day.  The walking also helps circulation and the daylight is healing as well.  Being outside in nature also lifts most people’s moods.  Bicycling or swimming are other stress-free exercises.  Stretching and yoga relieve stress and help mobility, too.  Plus these activities may be things you are able to do with your spouse.  An added benefit might be that your relationship with your spouse improves.

The third recommendation might include some inexpensive supplementation or dietaryHealthy Dinner changes.  Most people who have inflammation need Omega 3 added or increased in their diet.  Pretty simple to do.   Add good quality fish to your diet 2 or 3 times each week or supplement with Omega 3 supplements.

If you are doing a longer consultation we look into your medical history and your lifestyle more deeply.  Also, at that point, we may recommend additional treatment methods.  However, we try to not do more than 3 to 4 things at once because we want to see what works best for you.  We like to reread your aura in 3 to 4 weeks to see if the changes are improving your colors.  Because at that point the first recommendations have become habits we can then make further recommendations without them being burdensome.  As we progress we see your colors becoming crisper, the grey goes away and your aura grows to its full capacity.

If you have physical or emotional concerns that have been nagging you for years it will take longer for you to completely heal.  You will become better by stages as we un-peel the layers of your challenges much like removing the layers of an onion.  Almost always we find the need to change thought patterns as well as other habits.  Our thoughts, particularly or negative thoughts, determine our overall health.  Because we fail to consider what our thoughts are doing to us, we often fail in many other ways.  In longer sessions, we talk more about those thought patterns, where they came from and how harmful or helpful they are to us.  We use affirmations, sounds from music and nature, and many color tools to help strengthen our weakest areas, our weakest Chakras.  Our goal is to have all Chakras balanced and to balance ourselves to our healthiest state.

What we learn from reading auras can be helpful in treating current conditions, preventing future illnesses or serious health issues, helping you be the best you can be.  You can gain personal confidence and strength when you understand how your thoughts and everyday actions affect your actions and feeling of wellness.  You become in control of your happiness and wellness.

Colour Vibrational Energy


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Colour Vibrational Energy

Several months ago we were introduced to Colour Vibrational Energy, the science behind it and the tools to track our Colour Energy fields (our Aura).   We are always researching looking for new ways to improve our health and the health of those who seek our help.  Because of this, we began to look into just what the advantages of studying someone’s Aura might be.  What we found was impressive!

In Europe, a device known as the BioPulsar is an accepted and widely used piece of medical equipment.  Why is the BioPulsar so widely in use in Europe?  Because it can reveal the Colour Vibrational Energy of some 40 plus organs and systems in our bodies.   Furthermore, it can tell us exactly which of those are functioning on a healthy level and which ones are not.  It can help us see impending illnesses and therefore gives us the tools we need to avoid them.  It is an accurate, noninvasive and low-cost tool for diagnosing.  Also, it can eliminate the need for more costly testing methods.

What does your Aura revealHow does it work?  The BioPulsar uses a combination of Eastern and Western Medicine.  It records Colour Vibrational Energy.  Furthermore, through Eastern Medicine, we know that areas on the outside of the body are tied to organs and systems inside our bodies. The sciences of Acupuncture and Acupressure work on this principle.   We have learned also that our bodies have an electromagnetic field.  These electromagnetic fields project of the vibratory rates emitted by our bodies.  This includes our brain waves (thoughts) making our Aura part of our personality.  Our aura shows thoughts and emotions on both a conscious and unconscious level.  Therefore it shows us physical and psychological conditions.   Every thought is a wavelength of energy.  It vibrates through neurotransmitters in our body either programming its memory cells or activating a previous program.  Our cells communicate with each other.  Therefore, our organs also are communicating.  They share information and memories.

How do we create cell memories?  A good example would be when something frightens you, you may gasp for breath or hold your breath.  That reaction becomes a negative trigger.  When frightened you may even begin to hold your breath unconsciously.  You do this because your cells remember that reaction to fear.  These unconscious actions begin to interfere with the normal functions of our organs.  They begin to not resonate, or vibrate to their fullest potential creating imbalances.  However, through information gathered by the BioPulsar, we can determine which organs may be suffering.  We can help rearrange their atoms and electrons and put them back into a healthy state.

So how does the BioPulsar read our auras?  The BioPulsar has a hand plate with multiple probes.  Each probe is connected to an organ or system in the body.  You place your hand on a hand plate consisting of probes.  They receive vibrations from organs and systems in your body.   The vibrational frequencies then display themselves in the universal language of color.  This display is our aura.  Your aura consists of the vital emotional, mental,  and spiritual body of you as a human being.  It pulses in shining translucent colors around the physical body.  The colors tell us the quality of consciousness and the life energy one derives from it.  They tell us where you are strong, weak, or congested. They tell whether you are happy, feel stuck in your life or are depressed and feel hopeless.

Once we know this important information we can recommend changes and new life patterns that will help you improve your quality off life.  As you make the changes we can track your progress with further readings.  Per the new readings we can adjust our tactics as you grow and improve.  The healing tools we use are natural and not invasive and not costly – the very best part! They do not have counter-indications.  That also means you do not have to worry about side effects that are going to mean added remedies at added costs.

Where can you get your Aura reading done?

Contact us:

We are located in Vero Beach, Florida.

Remember, we are not medical doctors.  We do not diagnose.  We research and observe. The knowledge we share with you is gained from our experience.  Can these observations and recommendations change your life?  They can and they will.

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What We Do at Holistic 3D Health

Holistic 3D Health and Wellness Consulting

 We are a unique multi-dimensional health and wellness consulting organization.

Located in Vero Beach, we have dedicated over 30 years to health and wellness consulting.  We continually research alternative solutions to overcome a wide range of ailments.  Through the years of practice, we have documented many successes using unconventional solutions.  I, Dr. Harrington, have 3 Doctorates in health and wellness related fields.  My wife, Nancy is a certified counselor as well.  Therefore we are able to offer full total wellness evaluation no matter what your diagnosis may be.

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high triglycerides?  Perhaps you have IBS, Chrons, Celiac Disease.  Or even Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s or some other horrifying ailment?  Cancer might even be the diagnosis you have been given.  The treatments and lifestyle you see ahead of you may be overwhelming,   And you may be a bit scared. We are here to help reduce some of the apprehension you may be feeling.

This may sound familiar:

You have been diagnosed with one of the above-mentioned ailments.  Or another that is just as bad or worse.  Your doctor tells you that you need to go on a certain medication.  He gives you a bleak outlook.  But the medications will help you improve your current state of health.  Therefore, you head to the pharmacy.  You pick up the recommended prescription(s).  And then you read all the health warnings on that new prescription you just picked up. 

Scary?  There is a long list of side effects.  Generally, one that reads, “may cause death”!  But wait a  minute!  Didn’t your doctor just prescribe that particular medication for an ailment that could cause death?  You have to ask yourself, “do I want to die of whatever my ailment is?   Or from this chemical that just cost me far too much?”  Isn’t there a better, safer way?  There may be.  In fact, in most cases, there is a better way.

At Holistic 3D Health our Health and Wellness Consulting is different in 3 ways.

First, we listen to your whole story.  Secondly, we listen to your fears.   And lastly, we test you in non-invasive ways.  We find the cause of the disease you have just been diagnosed with.  And then we decide, with the approval of your Medical Doctor, an alternative means of treatment.  Or in some cases, the treatment we recommend enhances the benefits of the chemical drug or treatment that has been prescribed.  Also, our recommendations can often relieve or reduce the symptoms you are experiencing.   They can lessen the bad effects of drugs.

Furthermore, long term challenges cause many of our current symptoms.  Buried stress, past traumas or emotional hurts from the past cause today’s symptoms.  Therefore it is important to uncover those deeply hidden causes.  Your medical doctor may not have the time or the expertise to uncover those deeply hidden shadows.  Furthermore, you may not even know they exist and therefore are responsible for your current illness.  But we are trained to uncover those buried challenges.  Sometimes we call it finding the buried treasure.  It is like finding Davey Jone’s locker with his hidden booty.

So what do we do?

We listen, test first through Aura Screening to uncover deeply hidden causes.  And then we recommend a lifestyle that will turn your life around.  Our ultimate goal is to help you make you as well as you can be.  Our methods may also include a personally designed diet and/or exercise plan.  Personal reflection and journaling may be included.  We may recommend professional supplementation in the form of vitamins and minerals.  Also, we may recommend Essential Oils by applying topically, using a diffuser or other methods.    Because many causes are deeply rooted we may test you in multiple ways.  This will help us to uncover the causes of your current health issues.   Remember, we are not just looking for physical causes.   Or considering just physical symptoms.   However, we are looking at all aspects of you:  body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Although these are not expensive tests, they are the most effective tests.  They will uncover hidden causes.  And they will help you achieve a better understanding of yourself.  Through this understanding, you become your own healer.  It may take time but with our coaching, and guidance you become will the healthiest you can be.

Call or text us at 863-207-3095 or 863-207-3088 to set an appointment.

Essential Oils

More On Essential Oils

How to be Healthy


Call or text us at 863-207-3095 or 863-207-3088 to set an appointment.

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Children’s Health

Children’s health today concerns me.  Often when I shop today I see children whose health appears questionable.  They are morbidly obese or well on their way to being so by the time they reach adulthood.  Childhood Obesity always saddens me.   I know what it will mean to them in the future.  Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other health problems will plague them all of their lives.  Their lives are shortened by childhood obesity and other poor health conditions throughout childhood.  I have heard it predicted multiple times that the parents of today will well outlive their children because of their children’s early health issues and rapidly aging bodies.  How sad!  Where did this all begin?  Can we reverse the trend?  If so, how?

Where did the Children’s health begin to decline and the epidemic of childhood obesity begin?  When I was in school over 50 years ago there was one plump girl in our class.  She had an eating disorder.  Her mother had to keep the refrigerator, freezer and pantry locked.  If there was something edible in sight she would eat it!  If there was something you did not like on your lunch tray you can guess where it went!  Finally, when she was in her teens and her parents were told that she had an illness that had to be treated, she received psychological help and was able to overcome her eating disorder.  Today our classrooms have far more pudgy, plump or just plain obese children.  Obesity, in general, has grown. Why?  How?

A second children’s health concern is asthma.  Again there was one girl in our class with asthma.  Today it is a common challenge to many young children.

There are a few contributing factors to both increases:


  • We eat highly processed foods that lack nutritional value.
  • We are being told to eat all the wrong things!
  • The things we drink make us even fatter under the guise of no sugar beverages.
  • We all get too little exercise and sunshine.
  • Drive through meals are too handy and used too often.
  • Our homes are shut up with little ventilation.
  • We have unhealthy guts that leave us unprotected from diseases. (your immune system starts in your gut.)

Let us talk about the highly processed food first.  They contribute to both unhealthy guts and weight.  Highly processed foods are anything in a box, can, freezer bag or carton. Included are cereals, bread, crackers, soups, and boxed dinners too.   Also, this includes processed meats, cold cuts, and “fruit juices”.   Furthermore, they all have over processed grains, nitrates, preservatives, sugar, and more sugar.  Or artificial sweeteners have been added that are even worse than sugar.  They all contain bad fats and flavor enhancers as well.  After all, the processing is taking all the good out of them so you have to put bad stuff back in to make them taste a bit better than their cardboard containers!

In the nutrition world, we refer to these foods as “dead foods” because their original food value has been destroyed through processing.  Because through over processing their vital amino acids and enzymes are gone these “dead foods contribute to our unhealthy guts.  Therefore we experience weakened immune systems and obesity.

The alternative to over-processed is fresh fruits and vegetables or frozen vegetables.  Home cooked chicken, ham, turkey or beef for sandwiches are much healthier.  Also, whole grain bread or wraps are best for sandwiches.  Furthermore, eggs or other protein for breakfast is cheaper as well as being a healthier option than over-processed choices.  Add fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes or even broccoli as lunch bag treats.  For dinner steamed versions of all vegetables along with green leafy salads, home roasted meats, and one starch complete your meal. Starches such as fresh red-skinned potatoes, sweet potatoes,  fresh pasta or other healthy starch will help supply your family with good nutrition.  Over processed pasta, boxed or frozen potatoes and white rice all lack the nutrition children need.

Although for years we have been told do not eat things like red meat, eggs, or butter and other foods these foods are needed to grow and maintain healthy bodies.  Today we know that advice was poorly given.  Moderation is the key when eating red meats.  Do not overcook and eat only a portion of the size of the palm of your hand.  An adult does not need an 8, 10 or twelve-ounce steak!!!  A child needs only a small portion of the size of their hand palm. In the food industry, we call this portion control which is one of the components to being profitable.  In your home portion control helps your grocery bill and keeps the scales under control.

The second big myth getting families in trouble today is the diet and no sugar added foods.  If it is sweet it has something in it to make it sweet and that something is most likely not good for you.  Americans have a sugar addiction!  The best beverages are natural.  Water, of good quality, is the best choice.  There is nothing wrong with whole milk from grass-fed cows either.  Keep desserts to the minimum using fresh whole fruits as your first choice.

The lack of outdoor activity and exposure to sunshine adds to the risk of obesity.  Man is made to get up to 4 hours of fresh air and sunshine per day.  That means every day, not just on occasional weekends.  We need to limit TV, video games and other indoor activities and get outdoors.  I know this is tough in some areas where the winters are harsh.  Therefore, if you cannot exercise outside find a good inside complex and swim, bowl, play indoor sports when the weather won’t allow for outdoor activity.  Get sunshine and fresh air whenever possible as well.  In the summertime stock up but be certain that you are getting some outdoor time whenever possible year around.

Also, there are some big contributors to asthma today.  In some areas, we have poor air quality.  However, closed up homes with carpeting, furniture, and draperies that trap dust are unhealthy.  It pleases me that hard surface flooring has once again become popular!  Open your windows and let the air and sun in whenever possible as well.  Vacuum your furniture frequently.  If you have heavy draperies vacuum then also.

Cleaning chemicals are also huge contributors to poor air quality in the home.  (see blog: Are Your Cleaning Chemicals Killing You?  Get rid of caustic chemicals and cleaners with fillers and perfumes.  Chose cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful ingredients.  I use Shaklee products and have for years.  They are cheap, healthy and they work!  The recyclable compact packaging minimizes landfill usage as well.  ( check out and then click on Green Home)

We offer family consultation to create the perfect workable healthy eating plan for you or for your whole family.   You can email me through this website or at or call 863-207-3095 to set an appointment.

Descriptions under products for Individual, Family and Large Family Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plans.  Please contact me by email or phone for an appointment.

Nancy Harrington SAFP Lifestyle Coach



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More On Essential Oils

Here are some updates on the successes we have had using Essential Oils.  They are great for family health and as alternative health solutions:

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

A couple of great successes with weight loss.  One use includes using grapefruit essential oils as an appetizer suppressant.  Also, it is a great blood sugar regulator.  Here is one recipe:  add 20-25 drops of grapefruit oil to a 16 oz bottle of sparkling water.  The grapefruit oil helps cravings as well.    You can also use spring water if you prefer.

The thyroid is a center for weight loss.  Therefore, the second recipe is for a thyroid regulating ointment.    Use 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 15 drops of peppermint and 30 of frankincense.  Mix well and place in the refrigerator until it becomes firm.  Apply over throat area and/or tummy before bed.

Although these are not overnight wonders they will increase your energy.   They will give you a slow and consistent weight loss.  If weight loss is a large concern please contact me for a personalized dietary work up. (Pardon the pun!)  We will create a plan that includes a balanced weight loss eating plan.  It will also include suggested exercise and emotional support.…g-lifestyle-plan/

Essential Oils for Tumor and Cancer Reduction

Let me share a tumor and cancer reduction success.  We have experienced a huge success with a Melanoma patient who had internal breakouts.  The breakouts were too numerous to be surgically removed.   Radiation and chemotherapy were not being effective.  She had been through 2 complet rounds.  She started round three greatly discouraged!

Here is the successful treatment that is reducing the number of cancer spots.  The treatment also resulted in no more tumors appearing:    The carriers are Coconut butter and coconut oil.   Furthermore, since she applies to a large area multiple times each day large “batches” are made.  The oils are frankincense,  myrrh, lemongrass (or lemon balm),  and lavender.  Because the mouth and throat are affected the ointment treatment is most effective by applying it to the neck throat and cheek area.  However, it is applied to the tummy as well.  The applications are done  5 times daily.

I have seen recommendations for applications up to 7 times per day.  The stomach is the best application site. The belly button area is a nerve and circulation center.  Therefore, it is always a great application spot.  However, for tumor reduction apply to the site of the tumor area whenever possible.   Experiment with how many ounces of essentials oils to add to your carrier oils.  Remember each patient is biologically unique.   Also, other treatments may have caused hypersensitivity.  Finally, make the ointment as strong as possible without irritating the skin.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Focus, Mental Clarity and Stress

Do you find focus or mental clarity a challenge?  Try a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary in an inhaler or snifter bottle.   Also, Rosemary and Lemon are particularly good as a memory enhancer.

Stressed and anxious?  There are several oils that reduce stress and anxiety.  The citrus oils are all great mood lifters.  Try orange, sweet orange, lemons, and grapefruit.   Choose your favorite and add other scents that appeal to you.   Use the flowery scents of lavender, rose, geranium, and palmarosa.  These scents are generally more popular with the ladies.  Or use earthy scents like spikenard, ylang-ylang, sandalwood or neroli.  Also, Bergamot and key lime are great mood lifters.  Experiment.  Whatever makes you feel happy, less stressed or less anxious is your best combination.  Use the oils in diffusers in your rooms or work area.   Or you can make a handy take-along inhaler.  Roller bottles for application on the wrist, nape of neck and forehead are available as well.

Finally, we will continue to experiment to come up with more and more uses for Essential Oils.  We will continue to share our successes!  Have fun with your experiments!  Share them with us.

Also, check out:


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Fighting The Flu

FurthermoreFlu Shots and Antibiotics

Their merits and shortcomings

What are the merits of receiving a flu shot?  Or even a better question might be, are there benefits to receiving the shot?  Like any vaccination against any disease the vaccine itself causes you to get a mild case of the “flu”.  The vaccine varies each season.  The exact “flus” you are being vaccinated against are determined by what strains of the flu that are anticipated to be a threat for the upcoming season.  The shot will make you ill to some extent, ranging from mild to fatal symptoms.   The annual vaccine does not protect you from every strain of flu that might occur over the next several months.    Also, the vaccine may have an advantage for a few, but it also carries no guarantee that you will not get the flu and may have high risks for many.

The best prevention is always a natural method.

  •  Stay well rested.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you experience a high-stress event in your life which might lower your resistance increase your vitamin and mineral intake, the amount of water you drink and your vitamin C and D intake.

We also have found two natural products that are very effective.   Both are from Shaklee:

  •  One is NutriFeron- a well-tested, immune booster that helps you ward off the common cold, influenzas and viral infections.  This is Shaklee’s description: “A Shaklee exclusive, NutriFeron is a patented, clinically proven blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts. When used daily, it increases the production of your body’s natural interferon, a critical activator of the immune system. NutriFeron works at the cellular level, by rapidly activating your immune system’s defenses*

Like all Shaklee products, you will note that it is clinically tested.  You can check out the testing results online if you wish.  Our personal experience and that of our clients has been that it is far more effective than any preventative shot because it builds your own body’s defenses.  It is not only protecting you from a few flu strains.  It is protecting you against all flu strains as well as other more serious health challenges.

Just recently everyone at my workplace has had a cold type flu that has lasted them up to 3 weeks- sometimes longer – with antibiotics.   It turns into a deep chest cold with a horrible cough and the risk of pneumonia.  I had experienced a very stressful week 2 weeks before and felt my system crash.  I got their “flu” but in under one week, I was back to 100%!  A sore throat hit me one day.  I ignored it.  Then my sinuses started pounding and I felt exhausted.  I hit the Defend and Resist and took a day off from work on day 3.  By day 4 I was pretty much back to normal and by day 6 I was 100% again.   Three co-workers continued to struggle with bad days and good days after one month!!!

Off course I used a diffuser with a mix of Essential Oils as well each evening to help clear my sinuses and relieve the pressure.  A small cotton ball with a few drops of the mixture is great for clearing your sinuses when you are away from home.  I used a Eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint combo.  Also, you can add a drop or two of lemon or grapefruit.  Adding a few drops of each to a roller bottle with some coconut or olive oil and rolling it over your stuffy sinus area if you do not have a diffuser is also very effective.  (The combination of roller bottle and Defend and Resist when traveling on public transportation such as flying, is very effective in keeping you healthy while you travel.)

Finally, do you have tickles when you speak or if you speak for an extended period of time?  Rather than popping cough drops try chewing strong mint gum.  It helps the production of saliva which helps keep your throat moist and from feeling tight and dry plus the peppermint (or spearmint) will help clear your sinuses.  The gum is better for you that the cough drop.  Likewise, a cup of warm, strong mint tea is also soothing and effective once you have finish speaking or before bed while breathing your diffuser emissions.


Remember if you take an antibiotic you must always use a probiotic!  Have you ever wondered why you pick up one ailment after the other particularly after using an antibiotic?  Anti-biotics kill off the good bacteria in your intestinal tract.  That good bacteria is your immune system and helps you fight off colds, flus, and infections as well as more serious diseases.  Using anti-biotics will destroy your immune system.   Use them sparingly and always pair them with a probiotic.  Furthermore, once you have completed your cycle of anti-biotics it doesn’t hurt to double up on your probiotics.  Do not ever depend on the small amounts of probiotics in some of the highly advertised, over processed yogurts to do the trick.  You need strong, active, live probiotics to get and keep your immune system in your intestinal tract healthy again.   We recommend Shaklee’s Optiflora Probiotic Complex  (

Have a healthy winter!

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Are Your Cleaning Chemicals Killing You?

We are aiming to include more items on total family health.  Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, getting outdoor exercise and many of our blogs and articles cover a wide range of topics.  Allergies and breathing problems, asthma or even more severe problems are a concern for many today.  While our air may be cleaner than several years ago, these family health challenges continue to increase.

For several decades we have been made aware of the need to be conscious of things we use and things we do that may harm the universe or make our surroundings less pleasant to live in.  Gone are the black smoke belching smokestacks of the industrial areas.  Our streams and lakes are becoming cleaner.  We recycle glass, aluminum, tin, many plastics, and newspapers in recycling centers or at the curb in many states.  Several other items are either sit in bins for curbside pick-up or are also taken to recycling facilities. We have choices for cleaning products that are bio-degradable. There are many ways we have found to help us have cleaner healthier air and water, smaller and fewer landfills and to conserve our resources.

But, if you are really concerned about family health, have you evaluated the products you personally use every day?  This hit home in our house a few days ago.  My husband decided to be helpful and clean our tile floors.  They are a white and cream ceramic tile with white grout that he likes to keep pristine clean.  His cleaning product of choice was chlorine bleach.  The doctor appointment with my 90-year-old mother turned out to be very long and complicated.  When I returned home he was so proud of his accomplishment!  We live in Florida and it was in the 90’s out.   Our home was closed up and the air was on – no ventilation.   I immediately began to feel a tightening in my chest.

Because it was evening, we shut down the air and opened some windows. Not enough air flowed through to avoid my having a full-blown asthma attack.  I spent 3 days hacking up chlorine flavored mucus.  It was not fun.  He felt horrible for making me so sick.

A few days later my daughter found an article on a new study entitled “LUNG DAMAGE”.  The article linked lung damage to many of the cleaning products that we use in our homes every day.   I am sort of a stickler for using safe products and cringe when he asks me to buy bleach.  I am aware of what it can do to me.  Because we basically use chemical free products however he had never seen what bleach or other chemical products could do to me.

So what did the article say?  It was quoting the results of a 20 -year independent study.  The study revealed that “cleaning your home with common, well-known grocery store products such as ammonia, chlorine bleach, quaternary disinfectant compounds, and other dangerous chemicals significantly damage lung tissue in women”.  It stated that using these products even “once a week was as harmful as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years”!!!  (ECRHS III Studies)  They will not just affect the health of the person using them but will also affect the whole family’s health as their residue is airborne.  The whole family breathes the chemicals!

There are many “green” products out there and some of them are not very effective.  If you have a concern about family health you may have tried them and found them almost useless and given up.  I did!  However, there are some great products and natural cleaners that work well and are safe.

One of my favorite choices is apple cider vinegar.  I have found it cleans white lab coats and keeps them white as effectively as bleach.  One-quarter cup in a load of laundry does wonders.  Hydrogen peroxide is another great sanitizer and whitener and it is also very effective in the laundry.  I use a Shaklee product called H2 as well for many things.  You can mix just 2 drops with water in a spray bottle and it will clean your windows and mirrors fantastically!  It cleans as well as any chemical widow cleaner.  Not only is it safer to use than the chemical cleaner, but it also is far less expensive.  A bit higher concentrate of H2 is great for cleaning other surfaces such as tile, appliances, and countertops and it is also much less expensive than its chemically based counterparts. (no pun intended!)

There is another advantage to these products in that if they happen to be getting into by a small child or pet they are not dangerous or as harmful as the chemical products.   The product will taste nasty, but it won’t burn their mouths or exposed areas.

You may want to check out the Get Clean products at where you can try individual products to see if you like them or you can purchase a Get Clean Starter Kit and “clean your way to a healthier home.”

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10 Ways Your Body Uses Water

10 Ways Your Body Uses Water

  • Acts as a cushion for your brain and spinal cord
  • Aids in the making of hormones and the chemicals needed to send information from your brain to your body.
  • Creates saliva – needed to start the digestive process
  • Helps regulate your body temperature through seat and respiration
  • It helps transport nutrients and oxygen through your body by keeping your blood at a healthy thickness.
  • Helps convert food into nutrients that your cells can use
  • Keeps your cells hydrated so they can accept nutrients
  • Helps cushion and lubricate your joints
  • Helps flush waste from your body
  • Helps hydrate your skin to keep it healthy and young looking

Glass of Water

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Essential Oils

A couple of years ago one of our young grandsons was being challenged with migraine headaches.  They were severe to the extent that he was missing a lot of school.  He was at risk of being held back in his grade because of inadequate attendance. My daughter researched every possible option of relieving the headaches that appear with an unknown cause. If he took some an over the counter headache remedy at the onset he could generally overcome a headache. However, if the onset occurred while he was at school that was impossible.

By the next school year, she had come up with a couple of solutions. Fluorescent lighting is one of the triggers, so he requests to sit near a window with natural light.  This reduces the effects of fluorescent lighting. She found a possible second solution she hoped would work. She combined some essential oils in a roller bottle for easy application. He can take his roll-on to school and does not need a nurse’s permission to use it. At a headache onset, he rolls the oils over his temples, across his forehead and the back of his neck. It has been a success!

*Nanette Herbert’s essential oil formula for Mason’s migraines – 5 drops peppermint, 5 drops lemon and 5 drops of lavender in 1 oz of olive oil as the carrier oil.  Mason has very sensitive skin, so this should be “safe” for most skin types.  However, peppermint is a “hot” oil so use cautiously until you see how your skin reacts. This is also for a 12 year- old (10 when he began using the roll-on) so for an adult, we might suggest a more potent recipe.

Recently we had a second exposure to essential oils.  We found a bottle of lavender essential oil on our pillows when staying at a 5-star resort.  The instructions were to apply at our temples and/or back of the neck. We tried it and slept like babies for the whole week!  Because of the experience we have invested in a lavender spritz.  We also invested in a couple of different lavender based essential mixes that we use in a diffuser each night.  We find we fall to sleep quicker, rest better and feel more refreshed with the lavender essential oil usage.

Sleep and good quality sleep is important as that is the time when our bodies regenerate. If you currently use a drug to fall asleep you may want to try this remedy: *1 drop of lavender essential oil with 1 teaspoon of fractionated (liquid) coconut oil – massage over your abdomen (most absorbent part of your body) before going to sleep. (recipe from The HEALING POWER of ESSENTIAL OILS BY Eric Zielinski, D.C. )

After attending an online seminar by Eric Zielinski, D.C. we incorporated a few other essential oils usages into our home and everyday life.  Furthermore, I also decided I need to learn more about the oils and their effects on our moods and medical condition as they are often recommended as part of the therapy for my clients. Since each of us is biochemically different there is no exact science or perfect solution in essential oil usage for everyone for one specific condition. However, through shared experiences on this blog, it is my hope that we can come up with possible solutions that may help better the lives of some of our blog viewers.

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