Does what we eat, and drink, really determine our health and longevity?  Every child has cringed at the thought of having to at least try a particular food that they absolutely hate.  “You MUST eat it to be healthy.”   I am certain there were times when sacrificing good health didn’t seem like such a bad idea.  Any sacrifice was worth not eating that dreaded vegetable (or meat)!!!  EVER!  Who decided these horrible tasting things were good for us in the first place?

Then there is all the confusion of the ever-changing nutritional fads and myths that abound in our society today and may be totally opposite of what you once believed was the healthy Healthy Shakesnutritional standard.  In my 35 years of practice, I have seen the basics stay the same.  I know that eating right and taking care of your body and the bodies of your family will change everyone’s overall health.  The question is, what is good nutrition?

One of America’s nutritional gurus – Dr. Bernard Jensen states, “I am one of the few clinical nutritionists who believe that the destiny of ordinary people and nations is decided in the kitchen! What takes place in the kitchen determines if you are headed for an early grave or a long life of useful service to your fellow man. The financial future of your family is shaped in the kitchen because all kinds of foods purchased, prepared, and served to determine how much money will be spent in future years on doctor bills, hospital fees, and convalescent care. Nations rise and fall with the health, vigor, intelligence and morale of their citizens – all of which are importantly affected by the foods they eat”.  (Excerpt from: Come Alive! by Bernard Jensen, DC, Ph.D.)

That is a pretty profound statement and I agree one-hundred percent with Dr. Jensen!  Even when I hear a client say, “It is genetic” I question if the genetics are truly at fault.  As my wife puts it – did the “genetics” start in the kitchen!  We usually learn that the family cook is cooking just like mama did. She taught them, so they have the same bad habits that mama had!  Genetics or bad habits?

Fortunately, we can change all of those learned bad habits.   Join us as we will also attempt to wade through the myriad of nutritional myths and diets being touted today.  Everyone thinks they are nutritionally savvy. Healthy Dinner They may think they need a special diet whether it is to be gluten free, dairy free, to lose weight, build muscle, rid themselves of toxins or candida, and the list goes on.  And many of the diseases of today are reversible with dietary changes.   Sadly the traditional method over the last several decades is to seek chemical assistance.

Consider some further quotes from Dr. Jensen that address the way we handle disease today:

  • “The true responsibility for the handling of disease should be put directly in the hands of those who are dedicated to preventing diseases.” *
  • “We spend a great deal of time and money patching and fixing up a broken-down physical vehicle that was designed to be self-repairing, self-rebuilding, self-rejuvenating. If we would only take care of it properly, in the beginning, it wouldn’t develop so many problems.” *
  • “Every disease takes time to develop. To eliminate a disease properly it is necessary that we spot it and take care of it in the beginning.” *
  • “Our American Cancer Society says that it takes at least 20 years to develop many types of cancer. Where is the doctor who can diagnose and take care of these diseases in the beginning? People need prevention and early treatment, not such a late diagnosis that there is little that can be done.” *
  • “A body that is chemically well-balanced will normalize itself. Every disease, every symptom, discharge, pain, indicates a chemical imbalance in the body.” *
  • “Eighty percent of all diseases treated in the U.S. are chronic. I am sure that half of these problems could be corrected by developing the proper nutritional balance in our eating program.” *

*   Excerpt from The Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jenson, Ph.D. (1983)

Think about these statements.  Re-read the last point quoted from Dr. Jensen.  Nutritional therapy eating programs can, I believe, correct more than half of these chronic diseases.  We can, at the minimum, greatly lessen their severity if not correcting them completely.

The aim of Holistic3DHealth is to educate our clients on how to do just that. By teaching good nutritional habits and by adding a new holistic balance to your life we hope to help you prevent a disease from occurring.  We can also lessen the symptoms of current your ailments.

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