One of the purposes of this site is to help educate our viewers on the benefits of total wellness and how to achieve total wellness.  This includes all of the aspects of what being totally well means.  We often focus on physical health and good nutrition which is important but only part of the formula.  Good nutrition can in fact not only keep you well, but it can also help you become well through Nutritional Therapy.  However, to be totally well or the healthiest we can be, we must be physically, mentally (emotionally) and spiritually well.

We know if we eat poorly, don’t get enough rest or exercise, don’t drink enough water we will not be as healthy as we can be.  If we experience a physical accident or illness we find a wayApple on books to help us get well.  We may use chemical assistance, surgery or other physical repair methods.  We can even see that physical ailment or injury improving through the healing methods we are using.

Emotional or spiritual trauma can be as devastating as physical trauma.  When we experience a physical accident or illness we are physically aware of our healing process and progress. However, when we experience emotional or mental trauma or a spiritual trauma we may not be as aware of the healing that needs to take place.   We can not see the damage with our eyes.

Perhaps you have heard someone who has gone through a traumatic emotional event say they feel “like a train wreck!”  The effect those emotional experiences have on us imprints our DNA.  You might compare these imprints to physical scars however this scar is not obvious the same way as the scars from physical events.  Our cells, unfortunately – where our DNA is stored – cannot decipher good from the bad.  Our cells record all imprints the same.  Unless we uncover those scars and focus on healing ourselves from that emotional trauma its effects become buried.  They may continue to drag us down unknowingly:

“We carry with us in our protein structures, our DNA, all our decisions ever made. (Or events ever experienced)  These are decisions (events) even from the time of birth and before that.  The (amazing thing) is that these decisions helped us at one point.  However,  they can hinder our full growth and development as adult human beings.  This human structure of ours is amazing — it records and stores everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. All the sensations and emotions are stored so that we can use these when we need to, to survive.”  (Kathy Scogna from SAF Simplified)   The tragic thing is these events may continue to affect us and our wellness.

There are many types of therapy that are aimed at helping us gain emotional freedom. Activities such as meditation, talk or group talk therapy, and tapping with ETF (Emotional Transfer Do MoreTechnique).  Exercise such as running, walking, yoga may help relieve emotional stress to an extent as well. However, they often leave us feeling blank as they do not uncover the source of our problem.  Nor do they or provide us with information that will help us move forward to resolve the trauma and overwhelming chronic stress we may be experiencing.

SAF (Self Awareness Formulas) personal work helps us remember things that we may have even forgotten.  It also helps us face the events of the past that may be keeping us from experiencing our best health or total wellness.  Once we face these events and understand them we can free ourselves from their overwhelming effects.  We say this is their drag against our wellness.  We can release ourselves from these drags.   In SAF work we often call these events or stresses our dragons (drag-on)!  Through simple testing and the answers, you provide on your individual tests we can uncover these deeply hidden stressors.

Putting SAF personal work and good Nutritional Therapy together can help you achieve your best state of health and wellness!

How to be Healthy