Dr. Emmett C. Harrington is a Clinical Nutritionist (Ph.D.) as well as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (C.Psy.D.).  Nancy Harrington is a Certified Self Awareness Formulas Practitioner. We are not medical doctors.  Therefore, if you have a disease that warrants such we advise you to promptly consult a medical doctor.
The goal of Holistic3DHealth is to help individuals and families improve their quality of life through sound nutritional advise, gaining self-awareness and exploring other non-traditional health solutions. At times we will use various testing modalities to gain general information for research and educational purposes as well as to evaluate body chemistry, and where necessary, recommend specific dietary and nutritional supplementation and offer sound dietary counseling to uncover the root causes of your health challenges.

The information we will share with you is not evaluated by the FDA.   Nor will the mention, discussion or the listing of any pathologies constitute claims that we are “treating” these diseases or conditions. We are simply claiming that we can provide nutritional and emotional support.   Scientific research has shown that this nutritional support will protect against these conditions.

Please consult with your licensed medical doctor before following any of the protocol mentioned by Dr. Harrington based on his evaluation of your body chemistry.

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