About Us


Emmett Harrington

Dr. Harrington is a Naturopathic Doctor who holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Philosophy, and a Th.D. in Nutritional Theology.  He has practiced holistic nutrition for over thirty years.  Also, he holds a Doctorate of Christian Psychology in Clinical Counseling.  Furthermore, he is a licensed and insured Clinical Pastoral Counselor with Board Certification through the National Christian Counselors Association.  Additionally, he is Board Certified in Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy specializing in Eating Disorders and Food Addictions.

Whether you are struggling physically, emotionally or spiritually he can help you.  Each of his clients is evaluated based on their unique personal data.  Several non-invasive testing methods are used dependant upon your personal needs.

Nancy Harrington

Nancy holds a B.S. in Business Management, Economics, and Marketing.  She is also a Certified Self Awareness Formula Practitioner (S.A.F.P.) and Biopulsar Technician.  Both of these certifications help her in her evaluations of your needs.  Also, her work experience includes Food Service ranging from College Food Service Management, owner and marketer of profitable family-style restaurants and Chef at a 5-star restaurant.  Additionally, she has been a trainer, sales trainer and lifestyle coach.  Through using her extensive training, life, and work experience she will help design your lifestyle plan.  Also, as your coach, she will be guiding you along your wellness path.  And she will help you stay on track to obtain your goals.




























With their combined experience and talents Dr. Emmett and Nancy provide a sensible and manageable approach to healthy daily living.  Dr. Harrington and Nancy look for the causes of whatever symptoms you are experiencing.  Furthermore, they listen to your story.  And through their findings, they create a plan for you with your goals in mind.  Furthermore, they will introduce a lifestyle that will help you improve your health 3 – dimensionally.  We do not just look at the physical.  We consider all dimensions – physical, mental (emotional) and spiritual.   They will help you regain your health to experience the best wellness possible.

Our goal is to give you a new outlook on life.  Whenever possible, with the aid of your physician, we reduce chemical or pharmaceutical dependency.  Whether you have been recently diagnosed or struggling for years we may be able to help you control your health challenges without medication.   Or in most cases, with fewer medications.

Dr. Harrington and Nancy have helped numerous clients establish a healthier lifestyle.   We do this by helping you to better understand basic nutrition.  This is done through meal planning and guided supplementation.  Furthermore, the right foods (and supplements) can heal.  Also, we consider your personality and psychological needs.  And through lifestyle coaching, you can succeed.  Also through their coaching, many have lost weight, gained greater self-confidence, and better total wellness. You can experience the same healthy lifestyle for you and your family as well.


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