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Colostrum as a Home Remedy

Colostrum as a Home Remedy

Dr. Emmett’s Corner on colostrum as a home remedy:

I use Colostrum as a home remedy for several varying ailments.  For years, it has been a staple in my medicine cabinet.  Colostrum as a home remedy is a great eyewash (in liquid form) if something gets in my eyes.  It is a great healer if I or one of my animals has a cut.  When I had a tooth extracted or root canal – I have had a few!  I would hold the colostrum in my mouth or pack it in the hole where the tooth had been removed.  It promotes fast healing.  Colostrum as a home remedy soothes a sore throat, heals mouth sores, and kills bacteria in the gums.  Because of its many nutrients, it moistens dry skin and restores youthful tones.

My wife, Nancy is a breast cancer survivor.  That means she has gone through several surgeries both to remove her breast and then for the rebuilding of the breast with her own tissue.  Her surgeons are all great.  Some of the best in the US.  But whenever there is a cut there is going to be a scar.  However, her scars are minimal and always she heals quickly.   We apply colostrum to the surgery areas.  Furthermore, by using colostrum orally we improve her stamina before and after the surgery.  The colostrum also provides healing building blocks for the body to form new tissue.

Athletes often use colostrum as a home remedy.   At 77 I am currently training for a 5K.  I do not recover as quickly as I used to!  However, colostrum helps both with stamina and recovery.   Because of these properties, many athletes use colostrum as an integral part of their training regimen.   Every day I find it increases my stamina to perform my daily tasks.  Furthermore, champion athletes use colostrum as well.

Over the years of dealing with farmers, we saw great results using colostrum as well.  One farmer had a horse that had a huge L-shaped gash caused by a barbwire fence.  It was raw and infected.  By applying colostrum to clean it well and then twice a day we watched the ugly gash heal.  Within 2 weeks there was no scar!

The Buffalo, NY Zoo had a male giraffe that was not thriving.  Through a third party, they heard that I might be able to improve his health.  The Zoo Curator called me and I met with the giraffe’s handler, the Zoo’s veterinarian, and Curator to examine the giraffe.  I felt he was malnourished.   Therefore, we changed his feed and added colostrum to his water.  He began to thrive.  He grew and sired calves both at that zoo and another.  I continued to oversee the health of several of the Zoo’s animals for 18 years.

Also, I used colostrum with my cattle dealer customers.  They would purchase cull cows.  I made money for them through Colostrum Therapy, restoring health to the cull dairy cows so they could resale them at a good price.  Many of my farmers used it in young calves with scours.  If taken from their mothers too soon they become ill with diarrhea and become weak.  Colostrum would return them to good health and put their growth on track.

Our youngest daughter, Nanette Herbert, is a believer in the attributes of colostrum.  Colostrum is used as a home remedy in her home.  I asked her for some comments.  She has 7 birth children plus 2 adopted siblings.  And used it postpartum with all 7.  She places it in her drinking water.  Furthermore, she says she uses it for everything!  Her kids think it is the only boo-boo medicine!  It is put on all cuts, scratches, bug bites, and rashes.  She uses it as an eyewash (liquid form) as well.  It heals burns, cold sores, and holes where teeth have come out for whatever reason.

Her oldest son Barrett’s cat got trapped under the automatic garage door.  They came home to find her pinned and limp.  They took her to the vet who advised that she most likely would not live and certainly would not walk again.   However, Barrett is convinced colostrum will fix anything!  Therefore, he took her home, fed her colostrum with a dropper, massaged her back and hindquarters, and nursed her back to health.  The severed spinal cord healed.  Of course, he attributes it to the colostrum.  And the vet agrees.

They also have a large Maine Coon cat that is a fighter and comes home with gashes and scratches.  Because sometimes he is gone for a day or two, his cuts are infected when he comes home. They clean him up and put colostrum on his battle wounds.  MoMo loves colostrum as much as the children.  He knows it repairs him after he has been in a scrape.

We use it as an immune booster.  Because it builds protective barriers in our gut and our lungs it protects from seasonal colds and flu.  And after two bouts with cancer, we hope it will protect my wife with added T-fighter cells to avoid further cancer.

Could your family benefit from the use of Colostrum?  How do you go about using it?  Colostrum comes in a powder form and a capsule.  For cuts and wounds, a paste made from some of the powder and spring water and applied to the area is the best method.  For an eyewash, we dissolve a small amount in spring water and flood the eye area.  It will build your family’s immunity, heal their wounds, and for the athletes, aid in their performance and recovery.  There is also a spray available that is great.

To take internally you can use a capsule form or dissolve some powder in your drinking water.  We make a shake with 2 teaspoons of powder, a few berries, or large strawberry, 3 or 4 ice cubes and some water and blend it.  And for a small child, you can add it to juice, pureed baby food, formula, cereal, or applesauce.

Add it to your pet’s water, particularly if they are older and seem to have some joint stiffness or are outdoors often.  It will protect them from distemper.  Also, it will relieve their joint inflammation.

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