Holistic 3D Health provides a wide range of services:

Lifestyle Coaching:  Nancy Harrington is a Lifestyle Coach.  You may ask what does a Lifestyle Coach do?  A Lifestyle Coach has many different functions.  Is your life going the way you want it to go?  Do you feel you are off -course?  Or perhaps you feel you never had a course.  Whether you are floundering in your career, your relationships or your health a Lifestyle Coach can help.  You may ask how?  We listen.  We help you evaluate.  And then we formulate a plan.  Furthermore, we look for balance in all aspects of your life.  Often we find too much emphasis is being placed on one aspect of your being while other areas are being neglected.  Our goal is to bring balance to your life.  Therefore we may recommend one of the other services that we feel will aid you in you becoming the best you can be.

Aura Reading Through BioPulsar Scans –  BioPulsar Scans show us the vibrational colors of our organs and systems.  By knowing the colors of our organs and systems we can determine our overall health and vitality at a specific point in time.  We provide Lifestyle Coaching on how to improve your Aura colors.  Our goal is to balance your Chakras and have clear, crisp colors in your Aura.  Therefore we aim for clear, crisp colors indicating good health: body, mind, and spirit.  Furthermore, you can gain strength and courage as you build the strength of your Chakra centers.

Self – Awareness Formulas (SAF®) – Self-Awareness Formulas teach you about the inter-connectedness of body, mind, and spirit.  Through this newly learned self- knowledge, you can then begin to understand experiences and break down old barriers.  By breaking these old barriers down you will achieve a higher level of self–awareness.  Furthermore, you will learn to accept and change the events of your life that are causing you undue stress.  Often these events are “forgotten”  therefore this added awareness helps you assume greater responsibility for creating your own good health.

We use SAF as a realigning tool to dissolve these old behavior patterns and old reactions.  This tool also helps us to bring about resolutions to situations from the past and present that we want to change.  You can rid yourself of old troubles that you would be better off without.  These troubles take many forms.  They may be physical symptoms or emotional challenges.  Also, they may be current situations with your boss, your spouse, as well as your children or parents.  Break free from the things that complicate and stifle your life.

Consultation and Reading of SAF Chain

$100.00 60 minutesBook

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan (H.E.L.P.)   Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan is a Lifestyle Coaching program that addresses us as multi-dimensional beings.  Superior nutrition is essential for optimal physical health.  However, we must also address our two other dimensions.  Therefore we must consider our spiritual and mental dimensions as well.   Plans are available for both individuals or small families of two, families of 3 to 5 and larger families.  Family consultations can take up to two hours or more than one session.

Individual Plan

$75.00 60 minutesBook

Small Family Plans

$125.00 60 minutesBook

Larger Family Plans

$150.00 2 hoursBook


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