Medicine Cabinet

                                                 WHAT IS IN YOUR MEDICINE CABINET?

What is in your medicine cabinet?  I can pretty much predict what I will see if I open your medicine cabinet or check your medications and supplies.   Most modern-day medicine cabinets contain a variety of chemicals.  We hope they will be the perfect remedy for whatever ails us.  Those ailments may include our headache, aching joints, and cold or flu symptoms.  Also, I might find remedies to help you sleep, lose weight, relax, or wake you up!  Or perhaps I would find anti-acids, or constipation relief remedies.   Perhaps there are other aids for the digestive system as well.  All the items I would find would be of chemical makeup.  However, did you know that most of them are “copies” of naturally occurring remedies?

Natural remedies are always the best solution.  Because it is easier to make money on chemical copycats, drug manufacturers have created patented alternatives to natural remedies.  However, the patented copycat chemical makeup is generally a mirror image of the natural remedy.  Therefore it is difficult for our DNAs to recognize or efficiently utilize the chemical version.  Furthermore, this inability to recognize the chemical leads to side effects and adverse reactions.   These would not be experienced with a natural substance.

Have you ever listened to an advertisement for a new drug  and thought, “Wow, that sounds really great!?”  However, after 10 seconds of great news the commercial launches into 20 seconds of warnings!  Many of the possible side effects are often the very symptoms you are trying to alleviate.  Would it not be better to find a remedy that doesn’t have a list of counter-indications; one of which is death?


I could give you dozens of examples of drugs compared to natural remedies.  For the sake of keeping things simple, I will discuss just one comparison.  However, I will give you a more extensive list of natural remedies that you may decide are better choices than your current drug.  We never recommend you go off a prescribed drug.   Therefore, consult your doctor first.  But more and more we are finding medical doctors that are willing to let their patience try something natural and monitor the results.

Therefore, for comparison, we will use aspirin and a product we recommend from Shaklee.  Pain and inflammation are controlled by the use of Aspirin and its counterparts.  Also,  controlling fevers that accompany infections is another use.  (However, it is dangerous when given to children for that purpose.)  Aspirin has several possible side effects.  They range from upset stomachs and digestion to ulcers.  Also, it can inhibit kidney function, cause bleeding, hives or other skin irritation, ringing in the ear, and several other side effects.


Let us look at the history of aspirin.  Aspirin is a chemical product inspired by ancient tablets found containing plants that were rich in salicylates.  Willow bark was the main salicylate source.   Its usage dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.  Also, in later history, Hippocrates found a tea of the willow tree bark would reduce fever and inflammation.   In the 19th century, chemists began creating chemical compounds from sodium salicylate and acetyl chloride to produce an acid.   This acid was to copy the early findings and found effective on many ailments.  The Bayer company refined the process and produced the first Aspirin in 1897.

Many of the drugs and common remedies we use today have a similar history to aspirin.  Also, many other NSAIDs have been inspired by the popularity of Aspirin including Ibuprofen which is chemically different.  Advil, Motrin and others are all similar with similar uses and side effects.  But this is only one type of drug.   There are many others.  These are for treating pain, fever, and inflammation.

Alternative Natural Remedies

So are there alternatives without the dangers of side effects and contra-indications?  Yes there are.   You can trust some and some cannot.  Furthermore, we always only recommend alternatives that meet certain criteria: 1) They must be clinically tested. 2) The ingredients must be organic or responsibly grown.  3) Furthermore, the distributor must be the manufacturer or have a close relationship with the manufacturer.  In other words, efficacy is of the highest importance.

In place of any of the chemicals used for pain and inflammation, we recommend Shaklee’s Pain Relief Complex.  It contains 2 natural ingredients that have been used for centuries.  They are Boswellia (Frankincense) and Safflower extracts.  We recommend it for relief from pain from any cause.  It is great for headaches, injuries, and overworked muscles.  When used after surgery it reduces pain and inflammation, therefore, promoting healing.  Also, it is great for relief from asthma Colitis, Crohn’s disease, and tumor reduction.

Also, a second recommendation is Curcumin LD from Prosovlabs.  It is particularly great for inflammation in the joints and intestinal wall.  However, it will not reduce fevers, or provide some of the other relief that the Pain Relief Complex will address.

Recommendations for your Medicine Cabinet:

For pain and inflammation:

Shaklee Pain Relief Complex

Curcumin LD                             

Turmeric Boost                         

There is another whole category of drugs to treat gastrointestinal issues.  These include IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, and similar issues.  Again as you listen to a commercial for the benefits they become overshadowed by the warning to follow.  It always amuses me that many of the side effects are the same as the symptoms that one might be trying to alleviate!

There are two main causes for the gastrointestinal issues: leaky gut and inflammation.  Because inflammation is one of the causes the above two recommendations are helpful here as well.  Plus we can use a professional-grade probiotic to get the gut flora balanced.  Also, the combination of the two help your leaky gut heal.  Our recommendations in this area we break down into ranges from mild symptoms to more serious or chronic challenges.

For all gastrointestinal health we recommend:

Pro Colostrum LD either in the powder form (great in smoothies) or capsule

Pro Daily G.I. Complete 

Optiflora DI or Optiflora Prebiotic and Pearl Probiotic – under Probiotics 

For occasional acid reflux or uneasy tummy we recommend:

Pro Colostrum LD either in the powder form (great in smoothies) or capsule

EZ-Gest (also works on Lactose intolerance) and/or Stomach Soothing Complex  

Alfalfa Complex                                                                             

For constipation we recommend:

Herb-Lax or Fiber Plan Powder or Capsules                      

Shaklee also has a great Detox:  7-Day Healthy Cleanse  

As we age recommendations for our Medicine Cabinet:

As we age we need extra support for our joints and bones to keep them strong and prevent breaks and osteoporosis.  Natural remedies for the spine, bone and joint health that we recommend:

OsteoMatrix for spinal health                                                   

Advanced Joint Health Complex – Comfort in just 5 days!  Every person who has ever tried this product has begun to feel results in less than 5 days!  You will move easier and with less discomfort. 

Chewable Cal Mag Plus (also great for leg cramp prevention!)                         

Immune System builders for your Medicine Cabinet:

Building our Immune System is a must.  It is the best prevention against everything from viruses, cancer, to colds and the flu.  All three of these products have been tested and are more effective than any flu or virus shot!  The great thing is that the strain of flu or virus doesn’t matter!  They can change from year to year, season to season, or mutate and you are still protected.

Pro Colostrum LD either in the powder form (great in smoothies) or capsule


Triple Defense Boost                                                           

Plus a product for children’s immunity:

Shakleekids Super Immunity                                         

Cold and allergy symptom relief plus more immune defense:

Defend & Resist                                                                     

Additional Natural Remedies for your Medicine Cabinet

Depression and Anxiety:

Stress Relief or MoodLift Complex                               

If you are suffering from either of the above you may want to contact Nancy for a personal session with counseling and/or a complete nutritional work up.  Often there are additional needs that we can address and help relieve the negative feelings you are experiencing.

Sleep Aide:

Gentle Sleep Complex                                                       


Note:  All products can be placed on easy-to-manage subscription plans.  Generally, you will save by creating a subscription plan plus you will never run out!  It is easy to drop items off your plan and add items on. Plus an added advantage- you can pay with your HSA debit card.