Aura Reading – 30 minute Session

$50.00 30 minutes

What happens in an Aura Reading Session:  You will place your hand on a plate that has 40 plus sensors.  Each sensor reads the vibrations from the corresponding organ giving it a color (numerical) value.  That color indicates the organ’s strength and vitality.  Groups of organs make up each of the 7 Chakras and their vitality is reflected in our Chakra’s strengths and weaknesses.  Through the use of color and other recommendations, we can strengthen our organ vitality and balance our chakras.  In your 30 minute session, we will determine one area to work on and make recommendations of how you can improve that area.



Aura Reading- 30 minute Session:  Your Aura Reading 30-minute session includes a BioPulsar scan by a certified technician. From the information shown through the colors on your scan, we will discuss your Chakra and organs strengths and weaknesses.  Then, in a coaching session, we will set goals and make personal recommendations.  The aim is to help you grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Ultimately we want to achieve balance in your Aura Reading and Chakra readings.  You determine what you feel are the most vital challenges to work on first.  We generally make recommendations to only work on one area of weakness at a time.  However, as you will learn, by strengthening one area of your Aura through strengthening a Chakra area, other areas will begin to come into balance as well.

It is exciting to see how the areas interconnect and how just one or two simple lifestyle changes can change your overall health.  It is also exciting to see how color and using color vibrations can improve our overall well being.  Through consecutive scans, we can see our Aura colors change as we improve our health.  This is a unique feature of Aura Reading.  Unlike many other methods, we use to improve our health and quality of life, through Aura Readings we can see if the changes we are making are working.  As we see readings improve, inflammation goes away, foggy brains clear, we can actually see the proof of the results in our improved Aura Readings.  The insights that Aura Reading can give us are endless.  Come and explore the possibilities.


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