How to be Healthy

“What can I do to be healthier or to stay healthy?”

That questions of how to be healthier or how to stay healthy are age-old questions that have led to the study of health and good health practices.   Coincidentally that same question has lead to studies in treatment and in the prevention of illness for centuries.  Through these studies, we draw many different conclusions.  In part, many of the varied conclusions are explainable by the differences between Eastern and Western Medicine.   However, there are varied philosophies even within these two thoughts of study as well.

Why does our health decline?

Can we prevent or slow aging and declining health?  Why do we contract diseases like cancer in its many various forms?  Can we avoid diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis or the many other diseases we see today?  Can we live our lives in a manner that will help us avoid some of these diseases?  By avoiding these diseases can we live longer and happier life?  We believe that we can slow aging and avoid many of these diseases or at least lessen their symptoms.

We believe that by implementing some basic principles of good nutrition and healthy living we can be healthier and stay healthy and live longer lives.  Also, we believe we can live those years happier with a better quality of life.  However, we need to address our health on the physical level, the emotional level, and the spiritual level.  There are three dimensions – we are three-dimensional being.  As a matter of fact, perhaps there are more.   However, we address just three, for us to focus on to be healthy, stay healthy or to regain our health.

The first set of principles is known as The Word of Wisdom.

Written by Joseph Smith, Jr from 1833, this writing was given as a revelation to ‘benefit the Council of High Priests’ from his Church who was assembled to study scripture. Some concerns had been raised about the use of tobacco. Joseph sought council for wisdom in this matter from his Heavenly Father. Whether you believe in divine revelation or not, the wisdom of the advice given in this writing is timeless. It projects wisdom far beyond what was known medically at this time.

Consider that in 1833 no one knew that tobacco was the cause of disease. No one knew that alcohol was addictive and destroyed one’s mind and liver. Also, no one knew that the overuse of hot drinks can cause illness (esophageal and throat cancer) or that “wholesome herbs [and vegetables]” were good, health building and disease preventing foods. Furthermore, no one knew that over eating animal protein without the proper balance of other foods was not the best diet to consume for the healthiest lifestyle. (Word of Wisdom is Chapter 89 of Doctrine and Covenants or The Book of Mormon pages 175-176) However, by following the principles set forth in this revelation the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have become a group of people known for their longevity of life.

It is not enough to just address the physical aspect of health.

As a matter of fact, the physical symptoms or manifestations that we experience may be caused because of emotional trauma we have experienced.  Ignoring our inner spiritual bent can also be the cause.  Only through addressing these experiences can we be healthier and stay healthy.

However, we use some basic principles we have gleaned from others to help you be healthier.   We agree with the teachings of Joseph R. Scogna, Jr who, in his teaching of early 1980’s teaches us the principle that we are electrically charged beings.  Therefore, when some event in our lives causes stress or trauma- or blockage of energy, interrupting the electromagnetic fields of our beings, we are being set-up to experience an “illness” or unhealthy event at some point in our future.  Consequently, through Self Awareness Formulas (SAF) studies we can become aware of these life-changing events.   We can undo their negative effects on our lives. By gaining this understanding we gain relief from the effects the traumas have had or are having on our lives.  We then can experience improved health both physically and emotionally.

Can these principles improve your health?  We have seen them change lives. Do unsettled past experiences cause your current health concerns?  We believe they do.  Schedule an appointment with either Dr. Emmett or Nancy to review your health concerns and goals.  We will work with you to formulate a plan that will get you on the right path to leading a happier, healthier life.