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Colostrum and Your Immune System


Can Colostrum Improve Your Immune System?

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is vital in the early lives of all mammals.  It is particularly vital for their immune system.   What is colostrum?  It is the “first milk” that a mother mammal produces just prior and after the birth of her baby.  This protein-packed fluid contains immune-building antibodies and lymphocytes along with immunoglobulins.   The newborn uses these properties to form enough antibodies to protect itself from disease until its immune system is working.  At the same time, these antibodies are aiding in establishing the newborn’s immune system.

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Some factors of Colostrum

Some of the factors of colostrum are:

  • Its proteins also include hormones, enzymes, complex sugars, and growth factors.  These growth factors speed up tissue healing.
  • The proline-rich polypeptides normalize or balance an overactive or under-active immune system.
  • Also, it contains a peroxidase enzyme, which destroys disease-carrying microbes.
  • Furthermore, the lactoferrin it contains is able to neutralize certain types of bacteria.

You may have heard a nursing mother express confidence that her newborn is immune to little colds and touches of flu.  She understands that through her “first milk” or colostrum she is transferring her immunity to the child.    Therefore, the mother has confidence that the baby is protected.  This transfer helps the child build its own immune system.  Also, the nucleotide contained in colostrum provides the raw material for building (or repair) of the nucleic material.  In other words the DNA and RNA, in cells.  Because the baby’s cells are still developing they need good building material.  The nucleotides in colostrum are the best food for the cells.  Therefore, these nucleotides will help the cells be as healthy as possible.  In summary, colostrum provides many powerful health-building as well as protective factors to the newborn.

So what does that mean to an adult or older child?

In what ways can colostrum help improve an older child’s or adult’s health?  Let us look at some of the individual components of colostrum.

First, let us consider immunoglobulins (or antibodies).  The immunoglobulins in colostrum are special adaptive sites.  That means they are sticky surfaces that work like Velcro.  Bacteria or pathogens stick to them.  Therefore they are effective in trapping and neutralizing bacteria.

Most infectious diseases enter our bodies through the mouth or nose.   Furthermore, we know they then lodge in mucus surfaces found in these areas.  These surfaces include the bronchial walls, stomach, and intestinal tract.  Therefore, we must be able to protect ourselves in those areas.  Fortunately, colostrum helps us do this.  Colostrum antibodies remain in the mucus containing areas.  This is particularly true in the digestive tract where they trap and fight the intruders.  They form a protective barrier preventing the bacteria, viruses, and yeast from colonizing.  If these pathogens were to enter our bloodstream it would be through the intestinal wall.  However, this protective barrier prevents these pathogens from penetrating through the intestinal wall.  It, therefore, prevents them from entering our bloodstream.  Again, trapping the intruders neutralizes them, rendering them harmless.

The bacteria left stranded by the colostrum, die or remain ineffective and are eliminated without harming the body.  What does that mean to the user of colostrum?  Because of increased immunity, it means fewer illnesses.  Therefore, Colostrum users are not as prone to get a cold or the flu or other infections.

The proline-rich polypeptides (PRP’s) further regulate the immune system.

PRPs work like a thermostat.  The immune system needs to turn down in some cases.  This is true with autoimmune diseases.  These are diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and allergies.  Colostrum suppresses the immune system affected by these diseases.  In these diseases, the immune system is attempting to attack your body.  It is overactive.  Therefore, the symptoms of these diseases reduce by down-regulating your immune system.

On the other hand, PRPs stimulate an under-active immune system.  The thymus is our front line of defense against disease.  These same polypeptides rev up the thymus increasing its protective abilities.  With the increased function of the thymus again we are less prone to catch every bug that is going around. (see further comments on the value of T-cells produced by the Thymus)

Lactoferrin inhibits the growth of viruses.  

Multiple studies show the effects of lactoferrin on viruses.  Colostrum’s lactoferrin appears to inhibit the growth of HIV 1 and 2 type viruses.  Again, this is done by preventing the absorption of the virus.  Remember if the virus can not be absorbed it is expelled.  Viruses must penetrate the mucus membrane somewhere in the body to harm the body.  If they can not penetrate they die.  COVID 19 on this date, we believe must penetrate the nasal passages, throat, or lungs.  However, by forming a barrier, in effect, preventing the absorption in these areas, then this virus cannot attach itself.  Therefore, it can not invade the body.  Colostrum forms that impenetrable wall rendering the virus ineffective.  Colostrum, taken daily, can help form these protective barriers.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that are crucial to our immune system.  They include T-cells and B-cells.  T-cells (from the Thymus)can be Helper T-cells, Killer T-cells, or Suppressor T-cells.  Colostrum helps keep them healthy, preforming their duties, and in the right ratio in the blood.  What functions does each of these types of cells perform?

  • Killer T-cells search out antigens, attach to the defenders and destroy them.
  • Helper T-cell identifies the enemies.   They rush to the spleen and lymph nodes to stimulate the production of other cells to fight the infection.  Therefore, they are the activators of the Killer T-Cell.
  • Also, the B-Cells, which reside in the spleen and lymph nodes, identify and bind with specific intruders.  Helper T-cells activate the B-cells.  They are responsible for the production of antibodies.
  • The Suppressor T-Cells regulate the activity of the B-Cells and Killer T-cells.  They do this by slowing them down once the infection or enemy has been conquered.

The T-cells reside in the Thymus. 

The Thymus is our front-line defense.  So once again we see how colostrum assists the activity of our front line defense against invaders of our bodies.  Furthermore, Killer T-cells are one of our main defenses against cancer.  They search out any foreign or abnormal cell.  They then set out to destroy them.  A good strong supply of healthy Killer T-cells is vital in preventing and fighting cancer.  Colostrum helps us keep a strong force of the killer T-cells.

What do all of these immune-building properties of colostrum do for us?  Would Colostrum Therapy be beneficial to you?  All of us can use extra protection against viruses and all forms of contagions. Colostrum is a natural antibiotic without the side effects of destroying the immune system.  It does not irritate the gastrointestinal tract.  It is an immune system booster.  With a great immune system, your likelihood of contracting many diseases is greatly reduced.  This includes cancer as well as the common cold and the flu or viruses.  Do you suffer from gastrointestinal challenges?  Eighty percent of your immune system lies in the gastrointestinal tract.  Therefore, while improving your immunity, you are reducing your gastrointestinal challenges by promoting its healing.  Or by healing your gastrointestinal tract you are building your immunity.  The two go hand in hand.

Autoimmune Disease and Colostrum

In addition, do you suffer from one of the many autoimmune diseases?  There are many to consider but we will look only a few.   Colostrum Therapy could be beneficial to you if:

  • Colostrum includes immune-regulatory factors.  If the immune system is low colostrum will boost it.  If it is overstimulated it will calm it.  Note the definition above of PRP.  These PRP’s prevent the immune system from attacking itself.  They strengthen the weak immune system so that it is capable of warding off attacks.  How quickly will this happen for you?  If your condition is long-running or in its advanced stages, your therapy will be more intense.  Therefore, you also will need larger doses.   Your results will be gradual.  However, you will improve the longer you stay with the protocol.  If you suffer from any form of autoimmune disease colostrum may improve your condition.
  • Colostrum reduces inflammation and bone loss.  In Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus or any other autoimmune disorder resulting in inflammation and deterioration, colostrum’s benefits become two-fold.   There are several properties of colostrum that reduce inflammation.  This is particularly true when joints are inflamed and as part of the autoimmune disease.  As colostrum aids in the reduction of the inflammation bone loss is also lessened.  In fact,  it helps rebuild the affected bone.  Furthermore, this results in reduced pain in the joints.
  • In the inflammatory bowel diseases, discomfort is reduced as the inflammation is reduced.  This is also true in the case of asthma as the inflammation of the bronchitis is reduced with colostrum.  Therefore, in all cases by reducing inflammation, discomfort is reduced, healing is promoted and disease symptoms lessen.
  • Colostrum promotes healing.  Once we have reduced inflammation it is important that there be complete healing of the affected area.  This is particularly true in the case of bone loss and the gastrointestinal tract.  Because 80% of our immune system lies in the gut, healing in this area can change a person’s life dramatically.  By reducing the symptoms of the gastrointestinal disease through healing, the total immune system is enhanced.  That means fewer bouts of colds, flu, and other contagious illnesses.  Increased bone density improves stability, mobility, and reduces the chance of fractures.  Furthermore, with healing, discomfort is reduced.
  • In MS the protective sheath that surrounds the nerves is attacked and deteriorates.  The proteins in Colostrum help heal and rebuild that protective sheath.  As the healing takes place and inflammation reduces, the symptoms of the disease reduce.

A beneficial side effect in all of these uses for treatment is an increase in energy and feeling of well being.

The list of the benefits of Colostrum is long.  There are thousands of case studies showing the benefits of Colostrum.  More case studies and more uses are still being found.  It is one of the oldest and most studied natural remedies.  Colostrum has proven very successful in Immuno-therapy.  However, like any natural remedies, the dosage that is effective on your particular challenge will be unique to you.  It may be different than the dosage for someone else with like symptoms.  As a preventative, low, daily dosages work well.  If you have a long-lasting or chronic ailment it may take longer for you to see results.  You may need larger doses. The good thing is you can not overdose and it has no negative side effects.

Is Colostrum Therapy right for you? 

Colostrum Therapy as a preventative supplement is right for everyone.  It will reduce your number of cold and flu, increase your energy, and improve your sense of well being.  It is a mood enhancer.  Colostrum Therapy as Immuno-therapy is recommended for anyone with an autoimmune diseaseGastrointestinal diseases are highly responsive to Colostrum Therapy as it reduces the inflammation and heals the gut wall.  It never hurts to give an option a try that can not harm you.  It may even prove to be the therapy that gives you back your life!

So how do you get started?  There are some products we recommend.  There is a link below that will take you to a shopping link.  However, often it is best to get some professional input.  If you want to schedule a personal session with Dr. Emmett go to our shop page and check his next available time.  He looks forward to working with you.  You can also email him in the contact area and he can advise you what to order.  He will base your product need on your current health conditions.  There are no counter-indications with other forms of treatment or medications.

We know Colostrum Therapy can turn your world around!

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    1. We have some recommendations for pain. First we determine why you are in pain. If it is temporary from over stressing muscles or a minor injury or is the pain chronic?
      Inflammation almost always accompanies pain. Step number one in reducing pain therefore is to reduce inflammation. Colostrum and Curcumin are great inflammation reducers. You can find both on the link on this article. Secondly, we recommend a diet that is rich in vegetables, dark berries, fish, and healthy oils, eliminating sugars, fried foods, heat extruded (vegetable) oils, and processed foods. Thirdly, to handle the pain we recommend Shaklee’s Pain Complex. Its natural ingredients work to block the pain pathways and to reduce inflammation. I am a breast cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy and complete rebuild meaning a total of 6 surgeries. With each, as soon as I was awake in recovery, the pain med IV was removed and I began the Shaklee product to handle the pain. ( (I am allergic to most pain meds so the IV always included meds to counteract any reaction.)
      If your pain is chronic you may want to schedule a consult with us on reducing the causes of the pain to reduce your need for pain medications.

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