Large Family Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan

$150.00 2 hours

Family Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan conducted by Nancy Harrington. This session is designed for families of six or more people.  We discuss individual family members’ nutritional needs per their specific health challenges.  Also, we determine what your goals are for your family.  What do you hope to accomplish through our session(s)?  We make specific recommendations and set specific goals for your family.



This plan is for a large family (6 members or more).  It is a lifestyle coaching program that addresses us as multi-dimensional beings: The Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan focuses on sound nutritional meals, guidelines for healthy emotional living, healthy relationships and Spiritual encouragement. Good nutrition is essential for optimal health however it is only one component. We start with nutrition first. But we address other aspects as we move along the path to wellness and a well-balanced life.  Lifestyle plans include basic nutritional needs counseling for each family member.  This can include weight loss and weight gain counseling, special dietary planning, and other nutritional concerns.  Your plan may also recommend ideas for exercise.  As a multidimensional consult, it will also include emotional as well as spiritual boosters whatever your faith.

What We Do:

With Healthy Eating and Lifestyle plans for larger families (6 or more members), we look at each individual’s needs and concerns. We develop a workable plan for the whole family. Sometimes in a family, the needs are very diverse but we can find creative ways to make it all work together. This consultation may be longer than 60 minutes. A short preliminary consultation to determine the basic needs of each family member generally takes 40 to 50 minutes. A follow-up appointment is then scheduled with a longer time frame. The length of that session is dependent upon the size of the family and the number of varied nutritional needs we must address.


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