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Our Emotional and Spiritual Link to Our Physical Health

At HOLISTIC3DHEALTH we talk about our emotional and spiritual link to physical health.  We often overlook this link.  When we feel ill we only describe the physical symptoms and feelings.  We may tell our doctor that we have no energy, a slight headache, and a blah feeling.  Or we may say our stomach is not feeling well.  We feel bloated, have lost our appetite, and have frequent stomach pain.  We find nothing even with multiple testing.  Nothing changes after trying several chemical remedies.  The only difference is that our wallet feels lighter!  Often we are even more frustrated with worsening symptoms.  The emotional (and spiritual) links to our physical health have not been uncovered.

1st reading

Emotional and Physical links:

Our emotions and our physical symptoms are linked. I always ask patients who complain of physical symptoms about their emotional outlook.  Generally, they think they are ok emotionally.  Therefore, I have to test them to see those non-physical problems.

Cases Study:

Let me share an experience from a few days ago.  I had a patient who had not felt right for several days.  Of course with the COVID scare, they wanted to know if I could tell if that might be their issue.  I have some ideas of how organ readings might look if someone did have COVID.   But there is no concrete data of proof at this time.  I did a double test on the patient.  With the BiPulsar reading, (at the right) I saw depression (grey in the head and shoulders), total fatigue  (frequency of the grey), dehydration (no color extending to fingers plus the grey/white of the brain area), and a few other physical symptoms.  However, the patient was saying he was not depressed.   Next, I looked at their SAF (Self Awareness Formula) reading.

We discussed the patient’s SAF chain numbers and what past life events they related to.  As we did so I saw a gradual change in his body language.  He sat back, more relaxed.  After an hour I asked, “How do you feel right now?”  The patient looked surprised as they thought about how they now felt.  Their physical symptoms were gone.   There was no headache.  Nor body aches.   Their energy had returned.   The COVID concern was gone.

I did another BioPulsar scan 24 hours later (lower right).  One physical symptom that I felt was certain was the dehydration.  I encouraged re-hydrating.  Because the patient felt bloated, they had used several methods to cleanse their colon.   I doubted they had compensated by adding extra fluids.   Therefore, I was certain the cleansing had caused dehydration.   The new scan was amazingly different.  There was no more grey color, no muddy colors, and low energy numbers.  Replacing them were crisp colors and numbers showing strong vitality.2nd reading

Two types of tests equal faster and more accurate diagnosis:

Previously, at times I was suspicious of the physical symptom’s causes.   We would uncover life events that were the causes of the physical symptoms.  But often this might take multiple SAF sessions.  With the same numbers coming up in each consecutive chain I knew we were missing something.  This happened even though the patient’s complaint was different for each session.  Because their complaint was different, their chain numbers should have been different, also.  But they were not.  The commonality of the readings would give me a clue about the true issue.  However, correlating the BioPulsar reading with the SAF reading most likely would have brought the true cause to light sooner.  Together these two tests can help speed up the determination or cause of a patient’s distress.  The true causes can be uncovered with one reading done with each method and then correlating those results.

Sometimes because of a patient’s location, it is not possible to do both types of testing.  One of the great benefits of SAF is that we can do it with a patient that is anywhere.  It does not have to be done in person.  Phone conversations are as effective as face to face.  Some practitioners feel doing sessions in person can be hampering.  However, there is one thing I do know.  Whenever I can do both a BioPulsar scan and a SAF reading on a client, I will.  It has become my preferred method of concluding.  Because using both methods more quickly defines the true nature and cause of the patient’s complaint.

Just through talking out the results of the SAF, conditions improve.   Also, both readings give me other remedies.  The remedy recommendations include everything from using essential oils, herbs, spices, types of exercise, meditation, to keeping a journal.  Each patient’s needs and abilities are different.  However, there are always appropriate remedies with such a vast selection to choose from.

Many remedies are solutions to more than one complaint. 

For example, walking is good for depression, weight loss, immobility improvement, and several other physical and emotional ailments.  Walking in the sunshine is an added plus.   Essential oils are another example of a remedy that can address multiple symptoms.  Someone who has mild depression, stuffed sinuses, or sinus inflammation will find relief with breathing a combination of oils.  A good mix is one including citrus oils, mint oils, and eucalyptus.   For daytime relief when away from home carry a roller bottle with the same combination of oils.  The orange and/or lemon citrus oils are cheerful, mood-lifting oils.   The mint relieves inflammation and clears the airways.  The eucalyptus also soothes the airways.

I could go on and on with dozen of examples BUT I will save those for your session!   My point: an emotional challenge can cause physical symptoms and physical symptoms can have negative psychological results.  Furthermore, spiritual “symptoms” cause physical and emotional challenges as well.  They are all wrapped up together and interwoven.  With SAF we unwrap.  Sometimes slowly.  As we unwrap we improve.  We become healthy in all areas.  Through the BioPulsar we can see the correlation between the complaint and the symptoms as well.

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