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Colour Vibrational Energy

Several months ago we were introduced to Colour Vibrational Energy, the science behind it, and the tools to track our Colour Energy fields (our Aura).   We are always researching looking for new ways to improve our health and the health of those who seek our help.  Because of this, we began to look into just what the advantages of studying someone’s Aura might be.  What we found was impressive!

In Europe, a device known as the BioPulsar is an accepted and widely used piece of medical equipment.  Why is the BioPulsar so widely in use in Europe?  Because it can reveal the Colour Vibrational Energy of some 40 plus organs and systems in our bodies.   Furthermore, it can tell us exactly which of those are functioning on a healthy level and which ones are not.  It can help us see impending illnesses and therefore gives us the tools we need to avoid them.  It is an accurate, non-invasive, and low-cost tool for diagnosing.  Also, it can eliminate the need for more costly testing methods.

What does your Aura revealHow does it work?  The BioPulsar uses a combination of Eastern and Western Medicine.  It records Colour Vibrational Energy.  Furthermore, through Eastern Medicine, we know that areas on the outside of the body are tied to organs and systems inside our bodies. The sciences of Acupuncture and Acupressure work on this principle.   We have learned also that our bodies have an electromagnetic field.  These electromagnetic fields project of the vibratory rates emitted by our bodies.  This includes our brain waves (thoughts) making our Aura part of our personality.  Our aura shows thoughts and emotions on both a conscious and unconscious level.  Therefore it shows us physical and psychological conditions.   Every thought is a wavelength of energy.  It vibrates through neurotransmitters in our body either programming its memory cells or activating a previous program.  Our cells communicate with each other.  Therefore, our organs also are communicating.  They share information and memories.

How do we create cell memories?  A good example would be when something frightens you, you may gasp for breath or hold your breath.  That reaction becomes a negative trigger.  When frightened you may even begin to hold your breath unconsciously.  You do this because your cells remember that reaction to fear.  These unconscious actions begin to interfere with the normal functions of our organs.  They begin to not resonate, or vibrate to their fullest potential creating imbalances.  However, through information gathered by the BioPulsar, we can determine which organs may be suffering.  We can help rearrange their atoms and electrons and put them back into a healthy state.

So how does the BioPulsar read our auras?  The BioPulsar has a hand plate with multiple probes.  Each probe is connected to an organ or system in the body.  You place your hand on a hand plate consisting of probes.  They receive vibrations from organs and systems in your body.   The vibrational frequencies then display themselves in the universal language of color.  This display is our aura.  Your aura consists of the vital emotional, mental,  and spiritual body of you as a human being.  It pulses in shining translucent colors around the physical body.  The colors tell us the quality of consciousness and the life energy one derives from it.  They tell us where you are strong, weak, or congested. They tell whether you are happy, feel stuck in your life or are depressed and feel hopeless.

Once we know this important information we can recommend changes and new life patterns that will help you improve your quality off life.  As you make the changes we can track your progress with further readings.  Per the new readings we can adjust our tactics as you grow and improve.  The healing tools we use are natural and not invasive and not costly – the very best part! They do not have counter-indications.  That also means you do not have to worry about side effects that are going to mean added remedies at added costs.

Where can you get your Aura reading done?

Contact us:

We are located in Vero Beach, Florida.

Remember, we are not medical doctors.  We do not diagnose.  We research and observe. The knowledge we share with you is gained from our experience.  Can these observations and recommendations change your life?  They can and they will.

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