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We Can Learn From Studying Human Auras

What can we learn from studying human Auras?  Because our Aura shows us a picture of our multi-dimensional selves we can learn many things about our health today.  We can also predict what can happen with our health in both the near and distant future.  Your aura picture shows us where you are healthy today.  We can also learn by studying human auras where we are struggling.  Our struggles can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  They are all indicated by the colors of our aura.  By studying human auras over time we can see patterns develop that indicate health trends.  Let me give you an example of what we learn from studying Human Auras and what we do with the information we learn.

Let us say we have taken a picture of your aura.  We see many beautiful bright colors BUT we also see some grey and some murky reds.  Above the head, we see yellow which tells me that you are an analytical person.  You may enjoy learning and studying.  The grey, however, is in your head area or the area of what we call the Brow Chakra area.  This may indicate a lack of energy. Depending on exactly where in the brain the grey is emanating from you may experience poor memory recall or that it is difficult to concentrate.

We also see that your aura looks a bit “shrunken”, or in other words, the colors of the chakra do not extend as far out from the body as we would generally see them extend.  The murky red areas are in your lower back or spine area or lower Solar Plexus Chakra.  However, you have a turquoise blue strip on either side of your chakra.  To me this means your spine -your life source is healthy.

Your Aura picture tells me several things besides the good health in your spine.   You are dehydrated.  If you drink, your drinks of choices cause dehydration, not hydration.  The lower back pain you are feeling may not be from physical spinal or lower back stress but also from emotional stress.   Somewhere, in some way, you feel stuck.  I ask some questions starting with, “What do you drink?”Glass of Water

You then tell me that you rarely drink water.   Beverages of choice are coffee, soda, and ice tea.  Also, you do have some lower back stress.  You have injured your back and have some bad discs.  I also, determine that with the grey in the brain area and the red in the lower spine that you might be under emotional stress.  You may even be suffering from depression.   My thoughts are that you feel like you are going nowhere in some areas of your life.  You indicate that this is true.  The pressures to perform at work are beyond what you are comfortable with.  You feel stuck in your job.  Because of the work stress, your relationship with your spouse is stressed as well and you both feel you are stuck in your relationship and it is no longer growing.

So now that we know these thoughts and challenges what do we do with what we learned from reading your aura?  If you have just come to get a 10-minute reading and consultation I would recommend three things that are going to help you.  They are easy things that you can implement without much cost.  In fact, sometimes they save you money!

The first recommendation would be to change what you are drinking to see if we can get you hydrated.  Water is cheap and will become your beverage of choice.  It is amazing what hydration can do to your body.  Water cleanses your blood.  Clean blood circulates better and carries more oxygen.  Oxygen helps stressed and inflamed areas of your body heal.

The second recommendation will be to get you moving.  Physically moving in a non-stressful way does several things for you.  Ways of moving that we recommend include walking, outside during daylight at least 20 minutes a day.  The walking also helps circulation and the daylight is healing as well.  Being outside in nature also lifts most people’s moods.  Bicycling or swimming are other stress-free exercises.  Stretching and yoga relieve stress and help mobility, too.  Plus these activities may be things you are able to do with your spouse.  An added benefit might be that your relationship with your spouse improves.

The third recommendation might include some inexpensive supplementation or dietaryHealthy Dinner changes.  Most people who have inflammation need Omega 3 added or increased in their diet.  Pretty simple to do.   Add good quality fish to your diet 2 or 3 times each week or supplement with Omega 3 supplements.

If you are doing a longer consultation we look into your medical history and your lifestyle more deeply.  Also, at that point, we may recommend additional treatment methods.  However, we try to not do more than 3 to 4 things at once because we want to see what works best for you.  We like to reread your aura in 3 to 4 weeks to see if the changes are improving your colors.  Because at that point the first recommendations have become habits we can then make further recommendations without them being burdensome.  As we progress we see your colors becoming crisper, the grey goes away and your aura grows to its full capacity.

If you have physical or emotional concerns that have been nagging you for years it will take longer for you to completely heal.  You will become better by stages as we un-peel the layers of your challenges much like removing the layers of an onion.  Almost always we find the need to change thought patterns as well as other habits.  Our thoughts, particularly or negative thoughts, determine our overall health.  Because we fail to consider what our thoughts are doing to us, we often fail in many other ways.  In longer sessions, we talk more about those thought patterns, where they came from and how harmful or helpful they are to us.  We use affirmations, sounds from music and nature, and many color tools to help strengthen our weakest areas, our weakest Chakras.  Our goal is to have all Chakras balanced and to balance ourselves to our healthiest state.

What we learn from reading auras can be helpful in treating current conditions, preventing future illnesses or serious health issues, helping you be the best you can be.  You can gain personal confidence and strength when you understand how your thoughts and everyday actions affect your actions and feeling of wellness.  You become in control of your happiness and wellness.

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