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What We Do at Holistic 3D Health

Holistic 3D Health and Wellness Consulting

 We are a unique multi-dimensional health and wellness consulting organization.

Located in Vero Beach, we have dedicated over 30 years to health and wellness consulting.  We continually research alternative solutions to overcome a wide range of ailments.  Through the years of practice, we have documented many successes using unconventional solutions.  I, Dr. Harrington, have 3 Doctorates in health and wellness related fields.  My wife, Nancy is a certified counselor as well.  Therefore we are able to offer full total wellness evaluation no matter what your diagnosis may be.

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high triglycerides?  Perhaps you have IBS, Chrons, Celiac Disease.  Or even Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s or some other horrifying ailment?  Cancer might even be the diagnosis you have been given.  The treatments and lifestyle you see ahead of you may be overwhelming,   And you may be a bit scared. We are here to help reduce some of the apprehension you may be feeling.

This may sound familiar:

You have been diagnosed with one of the above-mentioned ailments.  Or another that is just as bad or worse.  Your doctor tells you that you need to go on a certain medication.  He gives you a bleak outlook.  But the medications will help you improve your current state of health.  Therefore, you head to the pharmacy.  You pick up the recommended prescription(s).  And then you read all the health warnings on that new prescription you just picked up. 

Scary?  There is a long list of side effects.  Generally, one that reads, “may cause death”!  But wait a  minute!  Didn’t your doctor just prescribe that particular medication for an ailment that could cause death?  You have to ask yourself, “do I want to die of whatever my ailment is?   Or from this chemical that just cost me far too much?”  Isn’t there a better, safer way?  There may be.  In fact, in most cases, there is a better way.

At Holistic 3D Health our Health and Wellness Consulting is different in 3 ways.

First, we listen to your whole story.  Secondly, we listen to your fears.   And lastly, we test you in non-invasive ways.  We find the cause of the disease you have just been diagnosed with.  And then we decide, with the approval of your Medical Doctor, an alternative means of treatment.  Or in some cases, the treatment we recommend enhances the benefits of the chemical drug or treatment that has been prescribed.  Also, our recommendations can often relieve or reduce the symptoms you are experiencing.   They can lessen the bad effects of drugs.

Furthermore, long term challenges cause many of our current symptoms.  Buried stress, past traumas or emotional hurts from the past cause today’s symptoms.  Therefore it is important to uncover those deeply hidden causes.  Your medical doctor may not have the time or the expertise to uncover those deeply hidden shadows.  Furthermore, you may not even know they exist and therefore are responsible for your current illness.  But we are trained to uncover those buried challenges.  Sometimes we call it finding the buried treasure.  It is like finding Davey Jone’s locker with his hidden booty.

So what do we do?

We listen, test first through Aura Screening to uncover deeply hidden causes.  And then we recommend a lifestyle that will turn your life around.  Our ultimate goal is to help you make you as well as you can be.  Our methods may also include a personally designed diet and/or exercise plan.  Personal reflection and journaling may be included.  We may recommend professional supplementation in the form of vitamins and minerals.  Also, we may recommend Essential Oils by applying topically, using a diffuser or other methods.    Because many causes are deeply rooted we may test you in multiple ways.  This will help us to uncover the causes of your current health issues.   Remember, we are not just looking for physical causes.   Or considering just physical symptoms.   However, we are looking at all aspects of you:  body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Although these are not expensive tests, they are the most effective tests.  They will uncover hidden causes.  And they will help you achieve a better understanding of yourself.  Through this understanding, you become your own healer.  It may take time but with our coaching, and guidance you become will the healthiest you can be.

Call or text us at 863-207-3095 or 863-207-3088 to set an appointment.

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Call or text us at 863-207-3095 or 863-207-3088 to set an appointment.

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