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A Diet or A New Lifestyle?

Which is best for you?  A diet or a new lifestyle? There are several reasons for changing one’s “diet” or lifestyle.  Is there a difference between a diet or a new lifestyle?  What is best for you: a diet or a new lifestyle?  How do you determine which is best for you: a diet or a new lifestyle.  In most cases, a diet is not enough.  It is a temporary fix.  Kind of like putting a band-aid on a broken finger.  The band-aid might temporarily give some support to the finger but not enough support for the finger to be able to heal.  The diet might get a few of the results you are hoping for BUT rarely are the results lasting.  A new lifestyle, however, might be a whole different story.

So you may be asking what is the difference between a diet and a new lifestyle?  Why is a diet less effective than a new lifestyle?  Unless we change habits permanently our ultimate goal for going on a specific diet will never be achieved for an extended period of time.

For example, you go on a certain diet plan – there are thousands to choose from – and you lose the 20 pounds you had hoped to lose.  Do you stay on that diet to keep the weight off?  Or perhaps your diagnosis is high blood pressure – just slightly high.  Do you follow the doctor’s suggestion to lower the blood pressure?  That is, of course, if he gives you a suggestion other than a prescription.  What about diabetes?  I have seen the instructions most doctors give out for diabetes.  They are a bit brief.  I think most patients get glassy-eyed and either just stick on the fridge door or toss in the circular file!   And so life goes on without any real changes or permanent improvements.Cookery Subscribe

It does not have to be that way, however.  You can make changes in your lifestyle that can help you manage everything from weight to diabetes, to high blood pressure, to pain, arthritis, Chron’s,  IBS, MS, Lupus and all the other maladies out there.  A diet is only part of the solution.  A new lifestyle starts with diet and includes much more.

What is your diagnosis?  Or do you have more than one?  Can a lifestyle change help you?  Let us look at one example.  We will take a simple one but with changes, one that can change and lengthen your life.  Let’s look at High Blood Pressure.  What is High Blood Pressure (or Hypertension)?  How do we get it or why?  What harm does it do or can it do?

When for some reason the arteries become too small or restricted the heart then has to work harder to push the blood through your arteries.  This puts extra stress on the heart and it also may mean that not enough oxygen is being delivered efficiently to the brain and other organs in the body.  What causes the restriction (or inflammation) of the arteries?   Many things cause the arteries to be restricted ranging from stress, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, being overweight or some diseases.  If blood pressure is too high then medication is the best solution.  However, a change in lifestyle can always reduce the severity of high blood pressure.

Mild cases that are not diagnosed in conjunction with other diseases, can be treated easily with lifestyle changes.  If you smoke or drink too much alcohol a good lifestyle change would be to stop.  Get help if you can not stop by yourself.  If stress or overweight is the issue, find ways to reduce stress and to lose weight.  Three key lifestyle changes that anyone diagnosed with high blood pressure are: First to increase your water intake.  Get rid of everything else you are drinking!  No colas or soft drinks, limited coffee, no high sugar or high caffeine drinks.  Water is the only thing that can cleanse and thin your blood.  The other beverages also help lead to inflammation and weight gain.

The second change is to get moving.  Increase your steps to at least 10,000 per day with increased time in the sun.  Did you know our bodies are designed to need 2 to 4 hours of sunlight per day?  Walking is a great stress reliever.  Start slowly if you are not used to that much movement.  Walk short distances two or three times per day and then increase to three or four times per day.  You can walk even if you need to use a walker!

The third change has to do with diet.  Reduce the processed foods (foods from a box or can), fatty meats and fried foods you eat.  Eat more fresh vegetables, legumes (beans), whole grains and fresh berries.  If it comes in a box avoid it!  Avoid canned foods as well as they typically have too much sodium.   Eat a variety of foods in a variety of colors.  If you are eating a variety of colors you are getting a variety of nutrients.  We recommend some raw foods as part of this new diet.  Limit your meat to just 3 or 4 ounces at a time.  Fill up on fresh vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and fresh fruits.Healthy Foods Cookery

At Holistic3DHealth we specialize in coaching you on lifestyle changes that can change your life.  Guaranteed!

We have been successful for over 25 years in helping our patients avoid, reduce or eliminate medications.   Patients that couldn’t walk because of arthritis,  have recovered fully with nor discomfort.  One patient went on to have four children and is now back to teaching school as well as raising her active family.  Another patient had trouble carrying children past 5 or 6 weeks.  She now has 7 birth children and two adopted.  Another patient could not conceive at all and now has several children.

One of our greatest achievements is a young man (then 17) who had used all of his Canadian Medical Benefits and therefore was denied any further medical help.  His parents turned to Mayo Clinic to no avail.  He was so completely energy-deficient that he could not make it from the bed through breakfast and onto the school bus.   Since his recovery, he has gone on to play city league hockey – his dream- and become a partner in his family’s construction business and a father.

We can help you.  Whatever your diagnosis we can help you cope with your symptoms at the least.  But often we can help you completely overcome your challenges.  Schedule an appointment.  Start your journey.…g-lifestyle-plan/

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