Individual Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan

$75.00 60 minutes

Individual Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan Conducted by Nancy Harrington. This session is designed for one or two people.



A lifestyle coaching program that addresses us as multi-dimensional beings: The Individual Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan focuses on sound nutritional meals, guidelines for healthy emotional living, healthy relationships and Spiritual encouragement.  This plan is geared for families of up to 2 individuals.

We Start with Nutrition First:

Good nutrition is essential for optimal health however it is only one component.  We start with nutrition first.   But we address other aspects as we move along the path to wellness and a well- balanced life.  We formulate Lifestyle Plans for each family member.  The plans include basic nutritional needs counseling, weight loss and weight gain counseling, plans for exercise, and for emotional and spiritual boosters whatever your faith.   We will set time frames to help you reach your goals.

Included in your Lifestyle Plan purchase includes a 60-minute consultation and follow-up email recapping your session. This email includes the guideline with your personal dietary recommendations as we have discussed.  It will also recap other goals and recommendations.  Furthermore, we will schedule a follow-up session within two to three weeks to see how you are progressing and to tweak or expand your plan.



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