Self-Awareness Formulas Consultation

$100.00 60 minutes

Telephone consultation and reading of SAF Chain



Conducted by Nancy Harrington, B.S., CSAFP. S.A.F. teaches the interconnectedness between body, mind, and spirit. Through self- knowledge, you can learn to understand experiences and break down barriers in order to get to a higher level of self-awareness. This added knowledge helps you assume greater responsibility for the creation and sustenance of your own power and health.

We use SAF as a realigning tool to dissolve old behavior patterns and to bring about a resolution to situations we want to change. You can rid yourself of old troubles that you could do without. These might be a physical symptom, an emotional issue or a situation with your boss, spouse, children, or parents.

You can break free from the things that complicate your life.┬áThis is an amazing process! SAF must be experienced and then you will understand – and you will agree with me!


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